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This Percy Jackson & The Olympians boeken screencap contains straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, and stedelijke instellen. There might also be draaideur, revolver, portcullis, teken, poster, tekst, bord, and schoolbord.

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Read the first ten of these of u won't understand it and send me a lot of questioning comments. When I woke up again the volgende morning Annabeth was in my arms again on the fluffy couch. How do I keep moving while I'm sleeping? It was sunny as usual very cool inside but I knew the seconde I stepped outside I'd be drenched in sweat. It reminded me of Mt. Whitney. I smelled spek and pannekoeken, pannenkoeken cooking, and I was starved. "Morning Percy." I heard Mochael's voice in my head. I sent him a thought of a smiley face and I heard a laugh fromthe keuken-, keuken behind me. I knew I had to get that food while it...
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Okay, don't hurt me. I know I should be writing "Annabeth Chase and the Olympians" and I am but chapter nine is being edited door my mom. So keep your shorts on for two reasons. One: It's almost finished being edited. Two: I really don't want to see your underware. So, I used my dad's computer to write this beacue I was super bored and yes I know it's not my best work. So, it takes place before " The Sea of Monsters". So hope u enjoy!! :) lol (I know really long intro.)
First dag of Middle School
Annabeth’s Point of view.
“ So remember Annabeth, take your lunch money to the cafeteria during...
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if u have'nt read the seven before this edition u will not understand anything in this story

Once we left the magic shack we started walking down the lane of houses and the further we went down the road the houses became meer greek and meer decorated. after a few minuten of walking there were statues of greek gods in specified areas, and after a few seconden i realized they were in the exact order of the thrones of the real greek gods.
"before we go any further" michael began "it's respectul to bow before our godly parents statue" once this was finished we walked on to some very ornate houses...
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u all may be wanting to stempel, punch me in the face. why? because im supposed to be posting number 23 to my series of lovvveeeee. BUT I had an amazing idea. Demigods, they have dreams of the past, present, and future, correct? Well, SOMEONE at camp must have had a dream about Percy coming. Now, what if that person was Annabeth? Well, that's what this story is about. So without further a do, a one-shot about ANNABETH'S DREAM.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this story except Lauren. For now...

Goodnight, Annabeth. Have fun dreamin' about LUKEEEEEE," Lauren, my half sister zei reaching over to turn...
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previsly on percy jackson turth of dare fiction

     it was annabeths turn and she zei " thalia truth of dare" and knowing thalia she zei "dare" annabeth smiled and said" i dare u to get a make over from the aphrodite cabin" thalia looked like she wanted to stempel, punch her and went to get her make over. after a few minets she came back in and every body went crazy.

percy's pov
    thalia came back waering all silver a sliver frilly dress peek-a-boo shoes (that were silver)silver neclise...
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I stood shocked for a few moments. I couldn't believe it. I was claimed.

"Wait what?" I stammered.

"You are the daughter of Artemis," he zei with proud look on his face, like the look my father never gave me.

Wait. Why did he say "the" like I was the only one. I looked around at the rest of the crowd. they all had looks of shock on their faces. Luke and the rest of the Hermes cabine had come to the range. Luke had the same expression as the rest of the crowd. They all look ed at me like I was some forbidden child.

Chiron walked forward. The hologram had faded door now.

"Come one. We need to get you...
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Ok, u all know AnnabethChase wrote an artikel about following Rick Riordan on Twitter. Here's the outcome of those clues:

Nico was in the Lotus Hotel so Zeus wouldn't destroy Bianca and NIco. Nico's mother was Marie di Angelo.

Percy "spends" his sand dollar door giving a half each to Hudson and East, two rivers. The sand dollar was payment for sinking the Titan's army on their rivers.

The Last Olympian had 381 pages in it. 382 is u count the battle map of Manhattan.

Nico's plan was to discover things about Luke's childhood, and to have Percy bathe in the River Styx. Nico's plan did not kill...
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Source: The Lightening Thief
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End-of-Summer Report

Dear Percy Jackson,

Below is your progress meld for the summer, which will be sent home pagina to your parents. We are happy to meld that your marks are passable, so u will not be fed to the harpies at the present time. Please review and sign for our records.

Chiron, activities director
Dionysus, camp director

Comments:Percy shows great aptitude at lopping off limbs.

Comments:Percy almost got killed several times this summer. Good job! He needs to concentrate on minding his surroundings and not getting...
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