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posted by GRA3CUS
So I am planning on making a parody of don't stop believing door Journey about Percy and Annnabeth but I'm stuck so Pls give me some suggestion, feedback, of topics that i could include to help me out I would really appreciate it once I am done I will make a new page and try to give credit to everyone who's ideas I used

What to include in suggestions

What book to concentrate on (until decided)

What events to include

How I'm doing

And any suggestions for changes to lyrics

pls do NOT give any lyrics changes unless they have the same amount of syllables as the original lyrics ty

Btw I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Journey, of the Heroes of Olympus and I got the original lyrics off of link

This is my first artikel I have made so sry if it isn't professional
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‘There they are.’ Grover nodded towards a couple of younger kids arguing in the bleachers. ‘Bianca and Nico di Angelo.’

The girl wore a floppy green cap, like she was trying to hide her face. The boy was obviously her little brother. They both had dark silky hair and olijf-, olijf skin, and they used their hands a lot as they talked. The boy was shuffling some kind of trading cards. His sister seemed to be scolding him about something. She kept looking around like she sensed something was wrong.

Annabeth said, ‘Do they . . . I mean, have u told them?’

Grover shook his head. ‘You know...
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posted by Lovejoy10
u know it amazing what NORMAL humans don't see. I am not a normal human, I can see through the Mist. My name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and I am the Oracle of Delphi. Yeah, its can creep other demigods out but, Hey, I get this AWSOME room and I can hang out whit my BFF's. Another plus is that I can stay away from my father ... ugh, I hate him, such a nature hater.

Well, It started out when I bumped into Percy Jackson at the stofzuiger, hoover Dam and saw the monsters chasing him. After he left I studied Greek monsters and mythology. Later on I started having dreams of a bright light like the sun saying...
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"grover ready for our camping trip?""cant wait""yea me neither""race ya".aaaaaaaaaaah.what
a great was sunny but windy.the best.we were going 2 a big worrys,just us,the tents,picnic baskets,and the woods.the unfortunetly forgoten about my told grover about it and hed been acting weird ever since.but today he was a mix of nervous and when hes about to say something hes been holding in for a long time.i thought this thing has been bothering him since my dream,i was half right.really since we met,it just got worse when my dream happend.we...
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