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posted by greekgeek7083

percy and the rest of the 7 had just come back from there big quest from rome to greece .everyone was super tired .I percy jackson am on the edge of argo 2 feeling the sea water splash on my face when annabeth came over and pushed me of board.she started laughing and yelled man of board mean will .i them splashed a big wave on her and swam to the other side of the boot made some stairs made out of water creeped aboard and scared her.i starded craking up and then piper,jason,frank,hazel,and leo came runing armded ."what happened i heard a scream "said jason.and when he saw me and annabeth perfectly fine he zei thank goodness u 2 are ok
and all of them took of there armor.then in a sudden flash there was another boot in far distance i looked at annabeth and she looked scared and zei we need to get out of here.
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