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At pets Hope they are trying to start a no-kill policy.If they get enough people to sign they can have it!The No-Kill policy means they don't put the animals to sleep.They are giving out free~
~Chew toys
~Bandanas(4 dogs)
~And ribbions that say No-kill.....Until they all have a home!

Please commentaar and tell what u think~
~Yes Kill
Please tell Why!Thank u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We think your opinion really does count so please,please,please,please comment.
And please think about the animals.They need all the help they can get!!!!
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Pets Hope Wish List
~Baby Wipes
~Paper Towels
~Any Kind of towel(Washcloth,kitchen,bath towels)
~Kitten wet food
~Puppy wet food
~Cat and Dog toys
~Hand Sanitizer
~Disposable Latex-Free Gloves
~Bleach,Laundry detergent,fabric softener
~Flea and Tick Treatment
~Air Fresheners
~Non clumping Cat litter
Pets Hope would be so very appretiative if u could give them something.Thank u very much!!!
P.S.All donations go directly to the animals and because of you,we will continue to have the power to save meer lives!!~Pets Hope~
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