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 P&F Spot the Difference
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Find The Difference From The Picture Of Candace. If u Find It, commentaar It Wat u Find
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 P&F build a Rollercoaster again but this time it's a musical! :D
P&F build a Rollercoaster again but this time it's a musical! :D
The "Too Young" Line
Linda: Candace, seriously, isn't Phineas a little young to be a rollercoaster engineer?
Candace: Well, yes. Yes he is.

Ferb: of u could say "seize the day" was English for "carpe diem."
Phineas: Yes. Yes u could.

Ferb's Line
Ferb: Hmm, what assurance would we had that everyone else will also break into the song and do the same thing?

Phineas: I don't know. I think they probably will.
Ferb: Fair enough, I'm in.

Isabella: That was great, Phineas! So, what are u gonna do tomorrow?

Phineas: Well, u know what they say- carpe diem.
Isabella: Excuse me?
Phineas: Carpe diem. It's...
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This is the song from the episode "Doof Dynasty".
Here's a link to an HD video of the song: link

Oh yeah!
In other circumstances u might fail
'Cause I know u don't have a bever, beaver tail
You're not a platypus
But I'm gonna see u sweat...
All: Milk!

We're gonna see how much u can take
I'm gonna work u through your union break
You squeeze a silkworm, what'cha think you're gonna get?
All: Silk!

But I know a way we can make u a warrior
Even though now you're a wuss
It's the Way of the Platypus!

But that's just the general information. Here's some of the...
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Perry crashed through the roof and landed right inside a glass cage. Before he could do anything, the top, boven of the cage closed, and Perry scowled. Doofenshmirtz had an uncanny ability to predict the exact place where Perry was going to break in. It was his one real skill.

He could see Doofenshmirtz on the other side of the room, adjusting a big Inator. After a few seconds, Doofenshmirtz finished what he was doing and turned around. "Ah, Perry the Platypus. How good of u to... Drop in!" He laughed manically for a second, then got down to business. "You know, I've told u a lot of backstories...
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