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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
Angel is a cheerful girl,which loves Pokemon,but she lives in the real world,where Pokemon doesn't exist. But there are games,which can make u experienced what Pokemon are. One day,angel got finally a Nintendo DSi with "Pokemon Black Edition". As she turned the DSi on and start the game,she got sucked in like Bee,her friend from Newfoundland,Kanada. Both stood suddenly in the Lab of Prof. Juniper. "He,what are u doing here,Bee?" Angel asked her best friend. "I don't know,and you?"Bee answered. "I don't know either",Angel answered. "So u know each other",a voice zei and Prof.Juniper appeared. "Yeah,but from chatting",Angel said. "I suppose u could be good trainers for these Pokemon",Juniper zei and showed the girls two Eggs. "These are Poke-Eggs!" Angel gasped. "Yes,this is right,Angel. These are Poke-Eggs. I can even say that in this egg",she showed the both the black egg,"is a Zorua,and in this",she showed the both the yellow egg,"theres a Scraggy." "I'd like the yellow one!"Bee said. "And I'd like to have the black one!" Angel said. Juniper gave the eggs to them,a blue and a roze Pokedex,a Trainer card,and some money,then the journey begins for our friends!!!
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As me and Oshawott took our first step on route 1 I realized how epic our adventures would be."Oshawott?" I asked."Osha?" "You know what! Im gonna nickname u Oshawott! How about Diver?" I asked."Oshawott!" I could tell that meant no. Oshawott used bubblebeam. "You learned bubblebeam Oshawott! Thats great!"I zei happily. Then the perfect idea for a nickname popped into my head. "I know what im gonna nickname u Oshawott! Your name is gonna be bubbles!" "Oshawott!" I could tell that meant yay! "Okay now that weve got that over with,let's go!" I zei as I began walking with bubbles in my arms....
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Zigzagoons faces 3 computers and faces a long road of abuse and challenges to become the champion
mario party 2
western land
posted by zim123456
 zim as a pokemon
zim as a pokemon
zim pov

i was in my lab working a gun that froze dib i fell sleep later i woke up i was outside with gir,gir hand me a mirror and i was pokemon.


"pikachu what are u going"a boy said

"pika-pika-pika"pikachu said

"what's this pokemon"boy said

"unknow pokemon can't read"

"mmm....i catch it go pokball"

the ball hit me on the head but it didn't anything

"mmm...why is the pokball catch it what the there two pokemon that why"boy said

"ash where are you"boy said

"right here brock"ash said

"i find u ash woah who that pokemon"brock said


"woah it can talk"ash...
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pokemon origins
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posted by Pokegal4life
I know she's too young to be a trainer and that Clemont is the one who caught Dedenne, but he caught it so Bonnie could take care of it, and she's actually the only one who takes care of Dedenne. Now, maybe Clemont's not helping Bonnie out because she may not want him to, of because he may want to see just how responsible she can be taking of Dedenne all door herself, but nonetheless, Bonnie is the only one who takes care of Dedenne. Also, Dedenne is never inside it's Pokeball, it's always carried around in Bonnie's bag. In the episode "A Jolting Switcheroo" when Bonnie accidentally took another...
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Funny moments

1. James' Carnivine using "Bite" on him whenever it's called out of it's Pokeball.
2. Brock's Croagunk using "Poison Jab" on him whenever he flirts with a girl.
3. In the episode "Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama" when Narissa's 2 Ditto turned into Croagunk and used "Poison Jab" on him along with his Croagunk when he flirted with a girl.

Funny quotes
1. From "Borrowing On Bad Faith" James "I think mixing u two is like mixing gasoline with a match." He zei this to Jessie when she wanted to use Carnivine in an unofficial Pokemon Contest.
2. From "Purloin-Sweet of Sneaky?" Misha...
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added by Pokegal4life
Seriously, it's not only during their motto. Almost every word that comes out of their mouths is rhyme for something they zei of something another member said. I can't think of any specific examples off the top, boven of my head, but I know there's a lot of them. Does anybody else find this totally annoying? :/ It's one of the many reasons I can't stand Team Rocket. I gotta say though, some Team Rocket quotes are totally hilarious, and some have made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe, but for the most part, they're annoying and lame, and to quote Dawn from the episode Borrow On Bad Faith "They're so weird."