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These are some of the episodes where Pokéshipping hints occured. иote: This artikel focuses only on the best Pokéshipping episodes.
No Movie hints, only from the anime! (the titel says it xD)
Okay, so here are the episodes. Episodes are arranged in a serial manner.
Ash Catches A Pokémon
Ash, willing to continue his journey alone, is followed door Misty. Upon noticing her pursuing him in Viridian Forest, Ash puts her on the spot and asks her, "Why are u still following me?" Misty sweat-drops and unconvincingly stutters back, "M...My bike! I'm holding u responsible for my bike!" in an insincere manner.
Misty, after Ash asks why she's following him

Why she is following him is made apparent near the end of the episode where she says, "I've never known anyone like him. He really does love Pokémon." Also, in her statement, it is pretty much implied that she has some sort of interest in knowing Ash.

Challenge of the Samurai
When Samurai is searching for Ash, Misty runs towards him, shouting, "Ash!" sounding worried of scared.
Misty calling out Ash

The School of Hard Knocks
While Ash and Brock fall into infatuation with Giselle, Misty gets angry. Some say that she was jealous because of Ash, while others say that it was because of Brock.
Misty reminding about her bike to Ash

Electric Shock Showdown!
After Nurse Joy breaks up an argument between the two of them, she commentaren that they say when two people fight, they really care about each other; although Ash and Misty instantly reject the idea, they are both blushing slightly when they turn away from the other.
Ash and Misty rejecting the idea

The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
When the ghost skulls attack them, Misty grabs Ash's arm and holds on to him tightly. Ash never seems to have any problem with this, if anything looking like he wanted to be comforted, suggesting that they both look to each other when they are scared and are not embarrassed door this.
Ash does a double take when Misty appears with her hair down and dressed in a formal kimono. Upon seeing her, the camera switches to his perspective, the bubbly background usually associated with passionate moments is used, romantic harp strings are played, and Misty's surprised facial expression clearly shows she is being looked at with interest. Also, the entire theme of the episode was romance-oriented, so it's only logical to assume this scene between Ash and Misty is as well. Interestingly enough, Misty was asking Ash to dance. When Ash accepts, Misty takes his hand and they are seen dancing together as the episode ends.
Ash staring at Misty

The Tower of Terror
When Ash sees Misty and Brock standing outside waiting for him, he decides to tease Misty, ignoring Brock.
Ash scares Misty door lifting her up

Once awake from being unconscious, Ash immediately greets Misty, not even mentioning Brock of Pikachu. When Misty thought that Ash had died, she is driven to almost tears, but is interrupted door Ash who comes back to life and she wipes her nose and blushes.
Misty, after Ash wakes up

Pokémon Fashion Flash
When Misty goes missing, Ash expresses extreme concern.
Ash laughing at Misty due to her make-up

Princess vs. Princess
Ash, thinking Misty is entering the Princess Festival Contest to take a picture with the movie ster host, gets jealous, groaning with his arms crossed, "You must really want that picture with Fiorello...".
Ash getting jealous says "You must really want that picture with Fiorello...".

Surprisingly, Misty reassures him she's only doing it for the doll set. Also, when Misty was dressed in a kimono during the contest, Ash stared at her and said, "Ohhh...", but so did Brock.
Misty shopping for Doll festival

Pokéball Peril
Near the end of the episode, with Brock having left Ash and Misty to travel alone, James says, "I think we may have captured a pair of romantic creatures in our little cage," after which Jessie swoons and Meowth blurts out, "They're lovebirds!" Ash and Misty deny it all but blush.
Ash and Misty stare at each other and blush

Navel Maneuvers
Danny, the Navel Island Gym Leader, quickly picks up on the nature of Ash and Misty's relationship during one of their arguments and says, "I can see the two of u are pretty close." After Misty asks what he meant door that, he replied, "What's that saying? 'You always hurt the one u love...'" Misty and Ash become extremely embarrassed. As Danny walks off, Misty runs up to him and says, "Oh, you've got it all wrong. I'd never get involved with a little kid like him. I prefer the meer mature, intellectual type." Ash seems very disappointed after hearing that.
Misty and Ash in Navel Island
Later when climbing Navel Island's central mountain, Misty tells Danny the gym leader to be extra careful. Seeing how much concern Misty is giving to Danny, Ash with the same jealous expression yells, "What's she so worried about him for?!". He's distracted so much door Misty's little crush on Danny that he loses his concentration and falls down the mountain a bit. Much like his behavior in "Princess vs. Princess", another male getting Misty's attention seems to bother him.
Ash expecting of Misty coming to him but instead goes to Danny

Get Along, Little Pokémon!
As the rain storm approaches, Misty collapses from exhaustion and Ash is shown in the volgende scene to be holding her door the waist as he helps her to the safety of the rock.He then gently lowers her down, but keeps his arms wrapped around her. Afterwords, he stares at her with care in his eyes.
Misty yells, "Be careful, Ash!" before he goes to save the Magnemite. Misty has done this on many occasions.
Ash helping Misty

Misty Meets Her Match
Rudy, the Trovita Island Gym Leader, has a case of "love at first sight" with Misty after she saves his sister, Mahri. After several advances from Rudy, Misty agrees to what is essentially an impromptu datum with Rudy, leaving Ash and Tracey to themselves and later declines Rudy's invitation to stay help him in the gym.
According to accounts of the original Japanese version, during the dance after the date, Rudy not only asked Misty to stay on the island, but to marry him. What is significant here is that Misty was actually considering his proposal, evidenced door the fact that she didn't refuse him outright.
Rudy takes Misty for a dance with him
Rudy moves in to court Misty after she helps rescue his younger sister, Mahri. Ash is clearly put out door Rudy's behavior, and jealous when Misty is flattered door the attention. When Rudy compliments Misty about her beautiful eyes during his attack test, Ash gets distracted and accidentally calls Charizard. Rudy invites Misty to dinner, and Ash is shocked when she accepts and appears unhappy when she leaves. Later on, during the battle against Ash, Rudy looks at Misty and says "I dedicate this match the girl who saved my sister and stal my heart." Ash doesn't seem very happy and sarcastically replies, "That's real nice, but the victory is gonna be mine!" He gets a little antagonized with Misty when she tells him to beat Rudy, telling her he's not stupid, as if her recent behavior had upset and unsettled him. After Rudy presents Ash with his badge, he gives Misty some flowers, accepting her decision to stay with Ash. meer importantly, he says, "I hope u know you're a very lucky guy, Ash." Ash cluelessly replies, "Lucky? What do u mean?" Rudy laughs and says, "You'll see some day." Ash just frowns in confusion. This incident supports the theory that Ash loves Misty, but he doesn't quite realize it yet. This is one of the stronger hints gegeven that Misty and Ash may someday end up together.

The Heartbreak of Brock
After Temacu expresses her thoughts about marriage to Brock, Misty says to Ash, "You and I will be married someday too." And Ash nods his head without realizing what she had just said, and then shouts "WHOOA?" She could have easily meant that they would be married someday to different people, not necessarily to each other. However, this is a dub edit. In the original, Misty said, "Looks like she fell for Takeshi in first sight."
Ash about to react of what Misty zei

While giving a pep talk to Brock about pursuing a possible relationship with Temacu, Misty says, "Take it from me, it's a lot easier to like someone who likes u than to like someone who doesn't." Brock then asks her, "How do u know?", after which Misty gasps, blushes, then coyly replies, "Well that's...what I've heard...".
Misty reacts to what Brock asked

The Perfect Match
When Ash and Misty find out that they have to battle each other, both are extremely shocked, not wanting to battle against each other.
Ash and Misty after finding out that they have to battle against each other

Love,Pokemon Style
When Macy first invites Ash out to lunch, Misty quickly cuts in between the two and commentaren that Ash is "booked". Later in the same scene, Macy vragen Misty's right to interrupt in Ash's personal affairs when she's not his girlfriend. Misty looks quite unimpressed as Macy continues to flirt with Ash.
Misty about to cut between Ash and Macy

Gotta Catch Ya Later
The departure of Misty from the group is a very emotional affair. After all is zei and done, Misty says to herself, "Well, Ash Ketchum, finally, I know how u feel about me."
Misty got her own good-bye song (which completely left Brock out). Ash was pretty clueless about how upset Misty was when they found out she had to leave, but when they actually parted, he did say that she’s his best friend, and cried when they left.

The Princess and the Togepi
Upon tonen Ash the invitation to the Togepi Festival, Ash gets excited and walks off happily. But Misty quickly pulls him back door the hood. Later on, when Misty gets abducted door Team Rocket, Ash is the first one to run after her.
Misty grabs the Togepi festival invitation from Ash who is excited

Buizel Your Way Out of This
When Ash and the others are fishing, Ash uses the special lure Misty made for him. Dawn asks if she could use it, but Ash refuses, causing them both to argue. While they are distracted, a Buizel comes and takes their lures, causing Ash to panic. He is determined to get the lure back, and once it is returned, he seems very happy and relieved.
Ash with Misty's Lure


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