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posted by purrloinedlove
Our heroes go off to Farrah’s house to spend the night while they could enjoy electricity and running water while they can since they weren’t quite in ship shape (not a clue what that means, but I found that somewhere) to leave directly to Santalune for a Gym badge! Still no idea who’d get it at the time, but one of them carried the Gym badge case.
    Damascus seriously had issues. He really liked Vertigo for someone who saw door echolocation. No, he wasn’t blind, Just (admittedly) stupid. Admittedly. To take his mind off of everything, he decided to look in his bag.
    Farrah was glad to be home. She ate her soep from the Thermos, as she could, provided she was downstairs. After, she went to offer Vertigo Damascus’s Thermos of soep since he didn’t quite seem to be interested in eating. Chester waited near her room and surprisingly not the bathroom. She went to get a ball for him to play with. She threw the ball, he caught it. Most of the time. After half an hour, Farrah felt something was missing. “Noir, u can leave this Poké Ball!” she yelled.
    Why was a Gym badge case in Damascus’s stuff? He packed stuff the average traveler would have: a toothbrush, his own face, a week’s supply of clothes, all that whatever. But where did the case come from and why was it there?
Vertigo was weirded out. Did Damascus like her? Her Braixen didn’t quite take an interest in even the toilet. Something was wrong. Very wrong.
So far…Damascus has a free Gym badge case, Farrah is back home, and Vertigo senses something wrong.
Next: Our heroes (almost) make it to Santalune.
The Pokémon stats stay the same as they did in Volume II.
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