I will tell u my favoriete Emera, what they do, and what color they are.

1. Barrage. This Emera sometimes lets u use the same verplaats twice in one turn. This Emera is purple.

2. Better Odds. When your verplaats has an even number of PP the verplaats will always be a critical hit and never misses. This Emera is yellow.

3. Ally Reviver. When your teammates faint they will automatically be revived and u won't lose a Reviver Seed of Tiny Reviver Seed. This Emera is green.

4. Payback. When an enemy Pokémon attacks u there is a chance their HP is reduced to 1. This Emera is blue.

5. Berry Power. The meer Berries u have in your inventory the less likely u are to get status issues of have your stats reduced. This Emera is red.

6. PP Restore. When u go to another floor your PP gets restored door however many of the PP Restore Emera u have in your Looplet, (for example, I am playing Super Mystery Dungeon right now and I have one PP Restore in my gras Looplet meaning all 4 of my Moves are restored door 1. If I were to add another it would restore my Moves door 2.) This Emera is green.

7. Absorption. When u defeat an enemy u restore HP. This Emera is green.

8. Room Checker. When u go to another floor u will be notified if there's a koop of Monster House on that floor. This Emera is green.

9. Dizzying Payback. When an enemy attacks u there is a chance they will get confused. This Emera is blue.

10. Intimidator. Enemies may miss when they try to attack you. This Emera is purple.