Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yes you can XP You shouldn't because that's a good way to get yourself slapped but you can XP)
"Alright let's go"Brad said, "Can I carry your packet ?"
"You've already done a lot for me"Yoko said

(What are we doing ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(No I really can't XP You may think otherwise but I'm a nice person XP)
Finally Venelope walked up to them, "He really wants to carry it for you, you can't say no to him."

(Depends on which characters we're going with XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Pfft XP)
"Fine"Yoko pouted giving him the bag
"Thanks"Brad said taking it

(Who do you want to go with ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Just wait till you meet me in real life XP)
"Much better," Venelope giggled.

(The answer should be obvious XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No not that XP I'm laughing at the fact that you think that I think you're not a nice person XP)
"Ignore her"Brad said blushing a little walking out with Yoko

(Okay XP So Charlotte and Randy XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Wonder how I jumped to that conclusion XP)
"Have fun you two~" Venelope giggled watching them go.

(You actually haven't used Randy in a while XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(You know when I call you evil I'm just playing around right ? XP)
"Ignoring!"Brad said as they were outside

(I know XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yeah I know XP)
"Please take care of my friend, Yoko!" Venelope called.

(Should we start? XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(You know I love you XP)
"Okay!"Yoko called

(Sure XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(You do? XP)
"Things are gonna get interesting," Venelope giggled to herself.

(I'm gonna add more characters XP)
"Found you!" Charlotte said hugging Xanthie from behind.
"Eep!" Xanthie got frights and jumped.
"You scared her," 19-year-old Addy said walking over to them with 18-year-old Marco.
"She always does that," Xanthie sighed and paused. "Oh, Marco, you're actually out,"
"I know right?" Addy asked.
"Hey, I go out too!" Marco pouted a bit- he had blonde hair, blue eyes and resembled Carine a lot.
"Only when Charlotte asks you to," Addy pouted.
"That's not true!" Marco protested blushing a bit.
"He's adorable," Charlotte muttered under her breath.
"I know, you never stop saying that," Xanthie whispered back. "Now let go please."
"Aww but I like hugging you~" Charlotte pouted squeezing her.
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yes I do XP)
That they are XP Now let's talk Idan XP

(Cool XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh I didn't know that XP)
Well okay XP

(Yup XP Oh and there's something else I've been wanting to do XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Really ? XP)
What's the story there ? XP

(Then do it XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(No I didn't XP)
He's based on a manga character I like XP He's such a huge otaku that he only likes 2D girls XP

(Gonna take a bit of writing so you'll have to wait a bit XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow XP)
Oh my gosh XP

(I'll still be here XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What? XP)
I know XP Actually I'd like to do a scene from that manga XP

(Alright XP)
*Some years ago!*
"And then I'm gonna stay with Naa-san forever," nine-year-old Harley finished what she was telling Walt.
"Are you sure?" Walt asked eating his ice cream. "Forever sounds like a really long time."
"Exactly!" Harley giggled sitting on the sand.
"Will Nathan be okay with it though?" Walt asked sitting next to her.
"Yes he will, he loves me," Harley replied.
"If you say so," Walt shrugged staring at the ocean. "What about Trace?"
"Trace will be busy with the company when we grow up," Harley replied. "He won't have much time to spend with us."
"What if Nathan's too busy as well?" Walt challenged.
"Then I'm gonna go and help him," Harley replied.
Walt thought about it. "You don't sound very fair."
"Huh? Why not?"
"Because, that way, Trace is gonna feel left out, don't you think?" Walt asked.
"Um.." Harley mumbled blinking.
"You have to love them equally," Walt started explaining, looking at little Tammy who was building a sand castle. "Or at least try to spend some time with both of them so that, you know, no one feels left out."
"Oh..." Harley mumbled thoughtfully. "I hadn't thought about that.."
"Well, from now on, try to do what I told you." Walt said.
"Okay," Harley replied smiling a bit.
Just then, Trace, Chione and Carine ran past them together.
"Fairies!" Carine cheered holding up Lixy.
"Ice!" Chione exclaimed holding up a Snorunt.
"Ground!" Trace cheered holding up Donphan.
"Yay!" Tammy cheered getting up and running after them.
"They' look like they're having fun," Harley giggled watching them go.
"Sis actually made an expression.." Walt said looking shocked.
"Come on, let's go!" Harley grinned getting up and running after them.
"Okay," Walt said doing the same.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow XP)
What is it ? XP

(Cool XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What? XP)
The girl that likes him gets rejected XP

(Just felt like having a cute moment XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow XP)
So Venelope gets rejected ? XP

(It was adorable XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Not an answer XP)
Two girls get rejected at the same time actually XP But yeah that's pretty much what happens XP

(Thank you XP I'm thinking about making Harley and Walt gen pals XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow XP)
So Venelope and ? XP

(Go for it XP I also want us to make a gen pal between.our characters XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What? XP)
Some random girl XP

(Oh that would be nice XP Which characters though? XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow XP)
Poor Venelope XP

(Robyn and Alexi ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Huh XP)
I know XP I haven't read the whole manga yet so I'm not sure if the guy eventually falls for the girl though XP

(Not sure XP This stuff usually comes on its own XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Something just made me.laugh out.loud XD)
(Nothing XP)
Then don't reject Venelope XP

(True XP Jatina and Alexi were perfect for gen pals XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What did? XP)
(Well okay then XP)
But the scene is so funny and disappointing, I just have to XP

(Exactly XP We just have to wait and see XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(There's a group.in the university I want to go to XP It's called Neko Anime XP)
(So what's up ? XP)
Use randoms XP

(That we do XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh my goodness XD That literally made me laugh right now XD)
(Nothing, I'm too lazy to turn on the computer so I'm still using the tablet XP How about you? XP)
No I have to use those two XP

(Yes XP And now we're not roleplaying XP)
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(It's just the fact that's it's there that made me laugh XD I was not expecting it at all XP)
(Looking for.my shorts XP)
Fine XP

(This happens often XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(No one was XP What do you do in that club anyway? XP)
(No shorts? XP)
Okay, I'll have to prepare things first XP
"Oh these look tasty," Venelope said to herself looking at some sweets when Idan ran into the shop.
"Finally, I found you!" He said running over to her.
"Idan?" Venelope asked turning around.
"How do you reject people?" Idan asked holding her shoulders.
"...Eh?" Venelope asked with a sweatdrop.

(Now that I think about it, it does XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I assume drawing characters and stuff XP)
(Found em XP)
Me too XP

(Yeah XP So who do you wanna go with ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I wanna join that club so bad XP)
(Celebrate! XP)
You too? XP
And after Idan explained the situation, "Oh, I see," Venelope said. "She told you she liked you and you said you'd give an answer later."
"Yeah, that's pretty much it," Idan replied.
"Well..." Venelope said thoughtfully. "How would you reject her?"
Idan cleared his throat, "Know your place, 3D woman!" he said with a terribly cruel glare.
"Whoa, okay, that won't work!" Venelope said quickly. "Let's try something else, come on." she walked out and Idan followed.

(That's a hard one XP)
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I hope I can XP)
(I was XP)
Yes XP I need to prepare for the tears XP

(Well let's go more broad XP New gen or old gen ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I wish you the best of luck XP)
(Good XP)
Oh there won't be tears, don't worry XP

(I want old gen XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Thank you
(What about you ? XP)
Not for you XP

(Okay XP Couple or group ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(You're welcome XP)
(Me too XP)
No trust me, there won't be any tears XP

(Group of couples? XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I like liquid XP)
(Good XP)
For you XP

(With Donald and Xanthie being awkward around them ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Like water? XP)
(Is it? XP)
Fine, for me XP

(Yes XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP)
(Quite XP)
Yes XP

(Alright let's do it XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh then I like it too XP In fact I'm gonna drink some water now XP)
(Oh okay then XP)
(Alright XP)
"And then I threw chocolate all over him," Alexa was telling Xanthie. "It was hilarious!"
"And then he tasted nice," Charity giggled happily.
"Uh..." Xanthie muttered awkwardly.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Cool XP)
(So Alexa and Xanthie never had a confrontation ? XP)
"She tasted you ?"Donald asked
"Yep"Mikey replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Like water XP)
(They did XP I just didn't show it XP)
"He was chocolate, I had to!" Charity pouted.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Room temperature water XP)
(Why not ? XP)
"You didn't have to"Mieky said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Ewe XP)
(Lazy Ellie XP)
"Yes I did!" Charity insisted cutely. "You were chocolate!"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I know XP Also, I think the next thing we should do is get the parents' reactions to the proposals XP)
(Lazllie XP)
"Covered in chocolate"Mikey said, "I wasn't actually chocolate"
"Why did you cover him in chocolate ?"Mordo asked Alexa
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh my XP There's gonna be work to do XP)
(Exactly XP)
"Yes!" Charity giggled very happily.
"Pranks," Alexa grinned. "My other target was John, but he got away so I was left with Mikey."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Let's go with Cliff, Hanon and Trinette first XP)
(Can I call you that ? XP)
"Okay"Mikey said kissing her cheek
"Oh I see"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(How old would Trinette be? XP)
(Nah, only when I'm lazy XP)
"Yay!" Charity happily cheered hugging him while Xanthie was eyeing them awkwardly.
"Don't worry, I'll cover you in chocolate someday too," Alexa assured him.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(7 or 8 XP)
(Okay XP)
"You just wanna do that so you can eat off of me don't you ?"Mordo asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh I see XP)
(Yeah XP)
"No, why would you say that?" Alexa asked innocently.