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 A pic of Farrah and her Chespin!
A pic of Farrah and her Chespin!
One dag in Vaniville, residents start to wake up. Little do some people know two children are getting a Pokemon from Professor Sycamore. As a boy, Damascus (I know, very random) and a girl, Farrah, went to get cereal, the professor thought about which Pokemon each kid would like. While Farrah still ate cereal with chopsticks (I like to do that too Farrah, and I'm guessing that the cereal must have either been really good of she was hungry), Damascus was ready to verplaats on with his life and was saying goodbye to his family's Rhyhorn, in which he dearly loved. As Farrah was still brushing her teeth...
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CAUTION! If u use this on Cleverbot, it will probably not work the same way like mine.

Me: A wild Pidgey appeared!

Cleverbot: I appeared in "Peter Pan".

Me: Wild Pidgey used Gust!

Cleverbot: Abra got away safely...

Me: A wild Rattata appeared!

Too busy to answer. Try again!

Me: Rattata used Tackle!

Cleverbot: But it failed!

Me: Wild Rattata used Tail Whip! Wild Rattata's defense rose!

Cleverbot: They will never!

Me: Wild Ratatta used Quick Attack!

Cleverbot: Time for that cigarette!

Me: What the F man, just attack!

Cleverbot: Matter is anything that takes up space.

Me: Wild Rattata got bored.

Cleverbot: I'm bored too. This is not very simulating.

Me: Rattata. Rattata Rattata.

Cleverbot: I do. Humans are becoming meer intelligent. Just as my father, Lord Vader, planned.

Me: Cleverbot, I am not your father.

Cleverbot: Duh, u are just a computer program.

Me: Rattata used the ability Run Away! It's super effective!

Cleverbot is crazy.
Ash, Dawn, and Brock were walking through a forest filled with legendary pokémon, when a strange pokémon shot through their path. Was it a Shaymin? Was it a Pikachu? It shouted something, "Give it back!" It could- talk?

The three went to find her. When she saw the trainers approaching, she tried to run, but to where? She was surrounded door trees! "Don't catch me!" zei the small pokémon, "I'll tell u why if u help me!" The three agreed to help. "You see, my cousin ran off with something valuable of mine, and I need it back!" she explained.

They came to yet another dead end. They saw...
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