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Volcanion is now available in Japan if u prebook tickets to the movie Volcanion & The Ingenious Magearna
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This Pokémon foto might contain anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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posted by Lil_Tynes100
" Ben?" Summer zei surprised to see her old partner. "Summer?" I zei happily to see her. "Wow Pichu looks well. How is Rand?"I finished. " Pichu is doing well he is with his friend Ash." Summer said. "Ash?" I zei kind of nervously. "Yeah my dad's friend's son, he came all the way from Kanto." Summer said. " Wow. I've meet Ash before but not as recent." I said. " Wow, Ben." Summer said. " Where is Rand?" I asked "Oh he is with Booker and Ash. u really should have stuck around. Nick even grew up a little bit more, it's been two years since Nick has seen you. u look way mature now." Summer...
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posted by darkinvader
*ash was walking till he found almighty tallest purple*
ash: yay i finally caught this pokemon called almighty tallest purple
brock: wow that is not a pokemon that is the tallest of irk
pokedex: almighty tallest purple the leader of planet irk pokemon
ash: wow i threw my pokeball at tallest purple and he got in without coming out
*ash found another pokemon*
zim: hallo u captured my tallest with ur pokeball
ash: well zim u r going 2 b my pokemon
zim: well u r not going to catch me in that pokeball
ash: yes i will
*zim ran as fast as he can but ash threw a pokeball at him and he is now caught*
ash: i finally caught zim
pokedex: zim a defective irken pokemon
brock: wow that is zim a pokemon irken
* ash encountered meer irkens*
ash: wow so many irken pokemon
*ash threw his pokeballs at all of them and they r now caught*
posted by ImAFanOfTails
Well, I quit the battle frontier fanfiction cause I started to disagree with it. I will use the same character though, his name is John. This story was supposed to take place after the battle frontier. Hope u enjoy it!


We ster off the story with John walking down a lonely road. Up ahead is the harbor, as well as a large Island seen in the distance. Unbeknownst to John, he was being watched.

"So, why did the bas, bass assign us to a kid. It makes no sense at all." Annie said.

"So? He set us free. The guards never saw that one coming." Oakley said. They were hiding in a tree, Oakley with binoculars....
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