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 Sherlock Pikachu!
Sherlock Pikachu!
Hello everyone, my name is Dee and I had just seen Detective Pikachu. Ready?

The Story

Okay, when I first watched this movie, I was actually expecting both Misty and Ash to appear. Seriously, I was wrong about it! It looks like Pikachu has found a new master after all, so it was like all of the Pokemon had travel to New York and London.
But one thing that my brother is really disturb is of course, Pikachu. In which I will get into it later, alright? I was really amazed that in one scene that it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially with the moving earth!
Finally, the good...
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Pokemon the movie the power of us Harriet's Togepi Uses Hydro Cannon.
pokemon togepi
pokemon togepi hydro kanon
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