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Pops always seems to be a clueless, helpless funny old man, but did u know he is actually the boss of benson? He has a lot of intresting stuff, like he's a world-class wrestler and is afraid to give speeches. I think pops represent kindness and goodness, at the same time cluelessness. He always nice and ready to help' but sometimes he clueless like when he thought zombies were children wanting cotton candy. And why is his head so large? I guess we will never know. Pops is a lot like cinnamon bun from adventure time. They're both old and clueless.


Rigby:Check it out dude I got a sweet new game for my sd3!

Mordecai:Whats the point in video games...we play them constantly.

Rigby:Then what else Mr.totally boardiying!?

Mordecai:Um..duh...we can do work?...

(They burst out laughing)

Rigby:Seriously dude like were ever gonna work!

Mordecai:Especially on Benson's vacation.hehe...O-O...wait Benson is going on-

Benson:You slackers listen up!while im on my vacation with Skips I don't want any explosions of your not getting paid this week is that clear?!

Mordecai:I guess I'll annuleer the wild party them..hm hm.

Benson:and just...
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