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News by raven-starfire posted ·8 maanden geleden
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Wow, Kristina is SO ugly!
Kristina's Perspective

I think I'll burn everything Nishka loves. Then she won't like Vincent! Than Vincent will fall in love with me! Oooooohhhhhhh, I cannot wait to activate my plan!!

But every boy in the school loves Nishka. Every girl likes her. So how should I do this???

Vincent's Perspective

Haha! Yessssss! Woooo-ooooo! Ooooohoohoohoo! I know you're probably wondering why I'm adding so crazy! That's because I asked Nishka to marry me! And she zei yes!!!! This is a dream come true!

And yeah, I activated my evil plan. I'm sorry, but I will have to tell u what I did later!

Nishka's Perspective

I cannot believe this! Vincent asked me to marry him! We're going to have a wedding tomorrow!

Yay! I can't wait. But I think Kristina will ruin my happy day...but how?I
News by raven-starfire posted ·8 maanden geleden
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Wow....isn't Nishka beautiful?
Kristina's Perspective

I don't know how to break Nishka and Vincent up. They really love each other. I heard tonight they're going on a pre-date. I can't believe this! Nishka stal Vincent from me! I know it's not Nishka's fault she's pretty, but still! That doesn't mean she can steal a boy I love from me! Ugh! I'm going to write an artikel about Nishka Reddy and how weird she is and Vincent will love me! of maybe I should spread some rumors about Nishka and Vincent....

Vincent's Perspective

Okay, my evil plan is to do some bad things to Kristina and she'll think it's bad luck so she'll commit suicide (hopefully). Then I'll never have to worry about Kristina again! Hahahaha!!!! Then I'll ask beautiful Nishka to marry me!!!! I cannot wait!

Nishka's Perspective

I met a nice girl named Landra today. She zei she thought me and Vincent would make a cute couple. She also zei she wished someone would love her like Vincent loved me. I think she's my new best friend!
News by raven-starfire posted ·8 maanden geleden
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She may look pretty, but she's not!
Kristina's Perspective

I think I just lost the love of my life. I think he's in love with my classmate, Nishka Reddy. That's because I just caught Vincent kissing her. I ran away crying. Words can't tell how jealous I am of Nishka right now! My greatest fear is losing the titel of prettiest girl in the world to a different girl. And I'm afraid of losing it to Nishka. I know she's prettier than me, but I'll never admit it. Never!!!!!!

I'm also really afraid if Vincent proposes to Nishka. Then they'll get married and my hart-, hart would break. But what if Nishka says no to Vincent? I don't have much hope in that idea. I think Nishka likes Vincent. I have got to break them up soon!

Vincent's Perspective

I feel so good right now. So....good. That's 'cause I think Nishka likes me...a lot! Also I plotted the perfect plan to toon Kristina how much I hate her! Ooohhhh, I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm gonna ask Nishka to marry me, and I'm gonna activate my plan to toon Kristina just how much I hate her, and....yeah, I know. It's too early to do all that stuff, I...
News by raven-starfire posted ·8 maanden geleden
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Kristina Pimenova is in love!
Kristina's Perspective

There's a new boy at school today. His name is Vincent and he's soooooooooooooooooo cute! He zei hi to me and I think that's a sign he likes me! *gasps* Maybe he zei hi because he loves me! Oooohhh!! I can't wait to tell all my friends!

My vrienden didn't believe me. They zei "yeah, right". But I know it's true! I know Vincent is secretly in love with me, who wouldn't? I'm the prettiest girl in the world, for heaven's sake! Ugh! Nobody believes me! But u know Vincent loves me...right? Don't u believe me?

Vincent's Perspective

There's a really annoying girl at school named Kristina Pimenova. I hate her! She is sooo stupid! I can't believe she's the prettiest girl in the world! Ugh! She's so ugly! Who calls ugly girls "beautiful"? People are sick! I have a cute crush named Nishka Reddy. She should be the prettiest girl in the world! Oh, how I love her! I tried to toon her my love today door kissing her lips. I think it worked! But Kristina saw, and she ran away in tears. I think she loves me. Oh, never mind, Diary. I'll...
Fan fiction by EmmaMayWatts posted een jaar geleden
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"BEEP BEEP BEEP", Buttercups alarm clock was going off, oh how she hated school, well easy lol, but anyways, even on a Friday she was tiered, until she noticed the time!!
"OH fucking great god damn it!!!!!, im always up so fucking late DAMN, now imma be late for sure GOD DAMN IT!!!!!", she zei angry, she ran as fast as she could, putted on DC and Hollister clothes on and ran straight to the front room door to open it, well.... at least tried, she ran face first into the damn door, "SOME of a PENIS, AHH Fuck My Fuck And Not In That Way"!!!! She yelled, "what are u doing buttercup??" " Dumbass going to school thought it was fucking obvious" "I thought it was obvious that it was Saturday!!!!" Blossom told Buttercup emotionless, "I knew that....ok I was playing duh I was going to uhhh the barbers!!!! Yea that's it!?!?!!!" she zei embarrassed door what she did and what she said, "Blossom, could u help me organise my crayons please??!!" Bubbles asked innocently, "Yes" she zei bored out of her mind, Buttercup thought blossom and bubbles was becoming like her meer and meer each day, but no one could replace of outshine Buttercup Utonim, KNOCK KNOCK, "God who is it now...
Fan fiction by fairydust777 posted een jaar geleden
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Brick:Blossom Wanna go out for dinner?
Blossom:ok pick me up at 7.
At the ppg house
Blossom picked out a Red school jas with a black shirt
With a white tiger on it and blue shiny pants and red sneakers and her hair was out and has roze die in it.

Brick rang the doorbells. Blossom opened. The door.

Blossom:hi brick u look great.

Brick: thanks u too.

Blossom:)lets go.

Brick: ok.

They went to Crusty's for pizza

The waiter came and asked what did they want.

Blossom:I will have a pizza


The food came in 4 seconds.

Blossom: Brick do u love berserk?

Brick: no I love you.

Blossom:I love u too.

Blossom and Brick ate their food and left.
Fan fiction by fairydust777 posted een jaar geleden
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Blossom POV

I" cant wait for summer vacation me and my family are
going to Oregan.Bubbles is packing with Buttercup.I
still look kinda the same but, no big head i have arms
legs and feet now im a regular teen.

Bubbles POV
I finished packing my stuff for Oregan and watched some tv.

Buttercup POV
I packed up all my stuff me and my family headed to Oregon and got in our hotel.

Normal POV

Blossom went to explore and saw butch.
hallo butch zei blossom.Hi blossom remember that
vraag i asked you??? asked butch

Yeah butch i...i love u zei blossom.I love u too
zei butch and they kissed.

Article by Beatlefan21 posted een jaar geleden
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narrator: uh oh what is Butch going to tell the Professor?
Professor: yes, Butch
Butch: last night I saw Brick....
Professor: yes?
Butch: hugging
Butch: Blossom
Professor: WHAT?!
Professor: there is going to be changes of buddies
Bubbles: what why?
Buttercup: finally
Professor: Blossom u will share with Butch, Buttercup u will share with Boomer, and Bubbles u will share with Brick, and if there's any problems then there will be another change
[Brick was really mad at this time]
narrator: avondeten, diner was over and it was time for bed
Professor: time for bed
[Butch was glad that he was with Blossom]
Butch: Blossom
Blossom: yes?
[Brick had super hearing so he as hearing Butch's and Blossom's conversation]
Butch: I like you, Blossom
[Blossom started to blush]
Blossom: but u need to be with Buttercup
Butch: yes I know but I don't love her I love you
Article by Beatlefan21 posted een jaar geleden
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narrator: the city of Townsville where the students of Pokey Oaks are excited that is Friday.
Blossom: hallo Bubbles?
Bubbles: yes, Blossom?
Blossom: did u notice those guys over there staring at us?
Buttercup: they're such perverts
Bubbles: what if their staring at the flowers volgende to Blossom?
Blossom: what flowers?
Bubbles: the ones volgende to you
[Blossom sees the flowers and picks them up]
Blossom: these flowers are for me
Bubble and Buttercup: who is it from?
Blossom: they're from a guy named Brick, I don't know anybody named Brick
Bubbles: let's ask those guys that were staring at us
Buttercup and Blossom: ok
Brick: hallo guys?
Butch and Boomer:yes?
Brick: those girls we were staring at are coming to us
Butch and Boomer: really?
Brick: yep
Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup: hello
Brick, Boomer, Butch: hello
Blossom: do u guys know who is Brick
Brick: I'm Brick
Fan fiction by iheartpuppies posted een jaar geleden
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Blossom: What are u doing here?

Brick: We're going to school here.

Bubbles: *cries*

Boomer: Oh great! In school with a crybaby!

Buttercup: SHUT UP BABY! Uhh... What's up with bouncy?

Butch: *Rubs head and gets up* Uhn...

Bubbles: Bouncy?

Boomer: The time we met again?

Bubbles: Oh yeah!

*Inside school*

Ms. Keane: Ok class! Welcome to Pokey Oaks! Im your teacher, Ms. Keane! We have some very special students in our class again this year! Please welcome, the PowerPuff Girls!

*class cheers*

Brick: *Shoots spitball at Blossom*

Blossom: HEY!

Boomer: *snickers and wedgies Bubbles from behind*

Bubbles: YOW!

Butch: *Bursts out laughing and throws glue at Buttercup*

Buttercup: Grrr...

Ms. Keane: Ahem! We don't fight in class! *Turns around and walks away*

Fan fiction by iheartpuppies posted een jaar geleden
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Blossom:Girls! Lets go! You've been trailing behind!

Bubbles:Sorry! Buttercup was chasing me with a snail!

Buttercup:No I wasn't!

Blossom:I don't care what happened. Lets just go!

*With the RowdyRuff Boys*

Brick:Ugh! I can't believe stupid Mojo made us go to school!

Boomer:I know! We know how to fight and everything!

Butch:It's not a fighting school Boomer.


Brick:Come on. We're going to some school called "Pokey Oaks Kindergarden".

Boomer:I heard it's the first dag for everyone.

*With the PowerPuff Girls*

Bubbles:I wonder if we have meer students this year?

Buttercup:Who cares?

Blossom:It'll be better!

Buttercup:Don't get your hopes up.

*At school*

Brick:*mumbles* oh my gosh...


*PowerPuff Girls stop talking and stare*
Opinion by buttercup_kaoru posted een jaar geleden
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Boomer:Where is Butch??Brick:*Hears a voice in their dad's lab*I hear somebody in dad's lab.
Narrator:Lets go with Brick and Boomer looking for Butch at home.
Boomer:Where is Butch??
Brick:*Hears a voice in their dad's lab*I hear somebody in dad's lab.
*They go down in Mojo's lab and see a shadow*
Boomer:*Talks really scared*Is that a monster?
Brick:*Sees that it is Butch*No I think it is-BUTCH!!!
Boomer:Look,I know I messed up BIG time,but what I was trying to say is that I am REALLY sorry and I will do anything for trying to say sorry.
Butch:It is alright.I am getting over it anyways.And thanks Brick and Boomer for everything.
Brick:Anyways I have been hearing that Brute likes u.
Butch:Do u know what?I think I might be liking Brute.I think I should go for her
Buttercup:*Outside of Mojo's lab window and heard what Butch said*
Brick:*Sees Buttercup outside of the window and points so Butch can turn around*
Butch:What is it Brick?
Opinion by buttercup_kaoru posted een jaar geleden
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Narrator:lets start on where we were on last time.
Buttercup:BUT MRS. KEANE!!!
Mrs. Keane:Yes buttercup?
Buttercup:Y do they have sit with us?y cant they sit with...umm...with...umm...mitch?
Mitch:No way i like sitting door myself at a table.
Mrs. Keane:plus u girls will make be good then and mitch will make them horrible.
Everybody in the class:YES U R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Keane:ok class settle boys take ur seats.
Brick&Boomer:But Mrs. K-
Mrs. Keane:no buts brick & boomer.
Brick&Boomer:We arent the only one butch zei it to.butch?BUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Butch:wait what?
Mrs. Keane:U two see.Ur brother butch is listening to me.right butch?
Butch:Right Mrs. Keane.
Rowdyruff boys:*take their seats volgende to the girls*
*bell rings for recess*
Opinion by buttercup_kaoru posted een jaar geleden
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All:WHAT R U DOING HERE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Narrator:Lets go back where we left off.
All:WHAT R U DOING HERE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Girls:Since when did u guys went to school???
Boys:Mojo made us go to school because-
Brick:That i have to learn not to be so greddy to for things.
Blossom:doesnt surprise me that he told u that cause i know i will say that.
Bubbles&Buttercup:hmph...*whispered to each other*its not like u dont act like that*whispered to each other*
Boomer:Mojo told me that i should go to school cause i am stupid to him.
Bubbles:He really called u stupid?
Bubbles:Beacause i would of zei the same thing because u are pretty stupid to me.
Blossom&Buttercup:hmph...*whispered to each other*its not like she doesnt act stupid like how she told boomer*whispered to each other*
Butch:And Mojo zei that i needed to learn not to beat up people for no reason at all but i dont think i do that.
Opinion by buttercup_kaoru posted een jaar geleden
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Buttercup:HEY!!I WILL GET A JOB!! Bubbles&Blossom:Hahahahahaha
Narrator:The city of Townsville. Yes a very exciting dag for blossom of course. To the powerpuff girls house.
Blossom:Im so excited for school today!
Buttercup:I HATE SCHOOL!!!!
Bubbles:Buttercup be nice to Blossom. u know she is crazy for school.
(then comes a long silence in the room)
Bubbles: o what the heck. R U INSAIN BLOSSOM HOW COULD U LIKE SCHOOL!!!!
Buttercup:O so now u agree with ha. door the way ,blossom y r u happy for school?
Blossom:Because when i grow up i can get a good job and a nice house that u might have to live for not getting a job.
Buttercup:HEY!!I WILL GET A JOB!!
Bubles & Blossom:Hahahahahahahahahaha.
Narrator:Hahaha. Looks like they are being good,but what is this. Are the rowdyruff boys getting ready also? Lets see.
Brick:But Mojo we dont want to go to school.
Mojo jojo:Listen son u have to so-
Brick:*cuts off mojo*but y do we have to go to school?
Boomer:ya dad y do we even have to go to school we are-
Opinion by greenbuttercup posted een jaar geleden
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Narrator:Ah what a nice dag the PowerPuff Girls are being little girls Bubbles is drawling Blossom is Writeing a book And Buttercup is in the attic working on her muziek and singing also watching soccer

Bubbles:lalalalala I'm so happy Blossom look what I have drawn
Blossom:Wow!!! Bubbles I'm inpressed even though ur only ten u can draw really good your increasing on art u know hehe!!!!!!
Buttercup:singing(I will not lose i will rise up and?????)hey be QUIET trying to work here
Blossom & Bubbles:Sorry but u do sound good
Buttercup:yea whatever

Hotline is beeping (beep beep beep)

Blossom:hello.....???really???!!!!!well be their
Bubbles:what what!?!?!?!?!?!
Blossom:their..their back!!!
Buttercup:who the ppnkg of mojo ummm...ok yea huh ganggreengang
Blossom:NO NO and NO the RowdyRuff Boys
Buttercup:youve gotta be kidding me
Blossom:no come on girls
Fan fiction by iheartpuppies posted een jaar geleden
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Blossom:Girls! Hurry up!

Bubbles:Sorry Blossom! We were helping a kitten.

Buttercup:Excuses, excuses...

Blossom:I don't care! We have to go to the new school year!

*With the RRB*

Brick:I can't believe Mojo signed us up for school...

Boomer:Yeah! We fight fine!

Butch:It's not a fighting school Boomer.


Brick:Come on! Lets go get it over with.

*with the PPG*

Bubbles:I hope we get new students this year!


Blossom:It would be nice for Pokey Oaks to get new classmates.

Buttercup:Don't get your hopes up.

*At the front of the school*

Brick:Look. There it is. I'm ready for- *mumbles* oh my gosh...

Boomer: What?

*The girls stop talking and turn around*

*They all stare except for Butch who is looking at a snail*

Opinion by fungirlninja posted een jaar geleden
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brick: hallo babe

blossom: okay,can you....STOP CALLING ME BABE!

berserk: least she didnt get her hair shaved all off



brat: good times....

brick,blossom,berserk,and dennis: * looks at brat as like shes crazy*

brat: WHAT?

caitlyn: least i don`t have shcool


caitlyn: O_O ok ok ok

dennis: ....-_-

( the volgende dag )

airplane guy: ok everyone were going for lift off in 3 2 1

airplane: * starts flying*

brick: *shakes in fear*

bubbles: oh is brick scared?

brick: NO! its just bad over here!

buttercup: what ever

bucth: yeah i thought u were the brave one

brick: I-I-I AM!

Fan fiction by spidernic4 posted een jaar geleden
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The city of townsville is now on bommerang.Bloosome.Lets go girls.Brick.lets go boys.Blossome. kisses .Brick. grossness.Butch.Shotgun to your face.Boomer.Stand down.Buttercup.Sniper to your face.Brop your your self. THE END.I got good stories. stay toons for part2.

*Heres Something Extra*

Boomer: It's Boomer Idiot! W-W-W-What Is this? I got this? I'm thinking no! Until I wan't my evening to freaking blow! *Fart* Don't give me kers-, cherry coke, u know that drink is old. Come on' I wan't a monster! And Make It Cold! Take The Whole Can Down With A Power Chug! Log On To Halo! And know ya freaked! Out of luck when u power up yo' XBox! Yo first mistake was when u turn It on!!! Do not get cocky. I will hold u tighto! Suck on this Idiot! It's the focus rifle! Always on point It'll own you! Snipe! Ohhh! But this is the begining. So don't get stypo! When I'm up In the game u gotta scram because! Your a sissy newb that needs to use camoflauge. It only has the kind of man u are If If Catch yo camp then darn It's on!...
Fan fiction by Eraticus180 posted een jaar geleden
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Sometimes things go away. Like somethings u loved from your childhood disappear now. u see, 15 years in the past, The Power Puff Girls was crime-fighting superheroes. Now their meer mature adults. But we never saw what happened to the Rowdy Ruff Boys? That's a vraag that lasted for a long time... But, we seemed to get a hand of what Butch was doing.

Miami, Florida
2:00 AM
Butch's House

"Dude, I think I'm going to get some shuteye." Mitch Michelson said. "Dude, this Is a dude's night out. "I know. But It's 2:00 in the morning and I am pretty freaking sleepy. Just let me get some shuteye. Also I have work later today." Butch was trying to convince Mitch to stay up. "Dude I am bored!" Butch said. "Well shut up and go to sleep!" Mitch yelled. " But- Okay... I'll go to sleep." Butch zei sadly. Mitch then wen't to sleep. (Finally) and Butch tried to, but just couldn't he tried everything he could, but then he wen't into the family room and turned on the TV. "Can't go to sleep?" The TV Man Asked. "Wow what a really weird time to turn on the TV." Butch said. "I guess I'll listen." "Well, why don't u go to Blow Em' Up Mart! It has-" Butch...
Opinion by keEeEeToOo posted een jaar geleden
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"What a beautiful starry night, right Boomer?" zei Bubbles. "Yeah, just like you" Boomer smilled. Bubbles smilled him back. "Thanks Boomer... hey, what's those?" asked Bubbles. They saw two shiny, red and green lights in the dark sky. Then Boomer zei "They are li- Bubbles? Bubbles!" Boomer screamed. "Hey! Who the hell are you?! Let me go!" Bubbles looked at "unknown" strangely but she still was unhappy. "No way! I'll never let u datum with my Boomer!" zei "unknown". "What are u talking about?" asked Bubbles with a very strangely accent. "Don't be a baby! Boomer isn't your coupple, so shut your tongue up!". "We got her, tomorrow we'll get the others" zei the other kid. "Yeah, those sissies will soon be destroied!" answered third "unknown". Bubbles was about to cry...

On the volgende day, Boomer ran to PPG's house and told Blossom and Buttercup about yesterday. "What?! u little- DIE!!!" Buttercup screamed at Boomer. "Wait! I'll explane!". "NO! WHERE THE HELL IS BUBBLES?!!! COME ON!!! TELL US!!! IDIOT!!!" Buttercup was very angry of Boomer. "Wait Buttercup! Don't be so rude, let him explane, nothing will happen" zei Blossom. "Yeah, so me and Bubbles were on...
Fan fiction by Eraticus180 posted een jaar geleden
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It seems that this world has changed completely. From the Stone Age to the present... But It seems the world still have arguments. Arguments can go for everyone. To kids to adults. Sometimes even the smallest arguments can turn big...Really big.

"Seriously? How did that happen?" Butch said.

"No idea, seems someone might of gotten over our security." Boomer said.

"Yeah, Dogs, Bats, Snakes, And Spiders never do the trick. Butch zei sarcasticly.

"You know, It doesn't seem, u know, human." Boomer said.

"How Is it not human?" Butch said. "If It wasn't human then why the heck would It steal our plutonium?"

"I don't know, maybe It was thirsty." Boomer replied.

"Seriously dude? Are u freaking serious?!" Butch yelled.

Boomer gave Butch an eye and then walked to his room with a frown on his face.

"Aw man, what will klok, bell say If I tell her about this? Crap!" Boomer thought.
Fan fiction by Choco7 posted een jaar geleden
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Dark Green POV

"I'm telling if u kom bij us we would have defeated those zombies in Black Ops", I complain to Brick,who was driving.I hear Boomer chuckles in the back zitplaats, stoel and said,"Dude,don't u have those weapons from game.I think taking this a little serously."

"Yeah,but there aren't zombies in real life",I hissed from the passenger seat.[i]Great,even worst of them not taking him seriously,that we have to go the Boss's place for a "important" mission right when he was going to get promopted,he thought angrily.He sighed,now were going to HQ,to the ranting of Grim,yes,The Grim Reaper with the jamacian accent.Which is the last thing he needs,he thought,after the increase activity of demonic demons from Hell,probably sent door Him,but these dumb humans assiocate these accident to the "normal" everyday situation,murder,suicide,UFOs,etc.Another reason the FBI is here.The FBI agents are made mostly "superhuman".Like Agent Devil a.k.a Amanda "Mandy",the master of the Grim Reaper,she is a professional assassin.There others like Danny Phantom,Dexter,the mega geek, and Mandark, the rival mega geek,and Ben Tenison,alien changer,and his witch cousin,Gwen,to name a...
Opinion by hannamee posted een jaar geleden
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karuo:dad where home
jake:you dont have to yell
karuo mockes him
jake goes to the kichen and karuo sits on the coutch
dad:karuo and jake i need to tell u some thing
karuo:yeah what
dad:its important u cant tell any body u got me
karuo and jake:what is it
karuo:were getting gocarts
jake shakes his head
dad:no!you cant tell any body this
dad:you two are a witch and a wizard
karuo:hahaha nice one da- wait what
dad:karuo your a witch and jake is a wizard
karuo:no way
dad:you cant tell any body of the world will be in trouble
karuo and jake:we promuse
the volgende dag at school
karuo:i cant belive im a witch
jake:you have always been a witch
butch:hey karuo geuss what my dad siad to me
butch:you cant tell any body not even your brother
jake:why not
karuo:if he cant hear i cant hear
Fan fiction by Choco7 posted een jaar geleden
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The Green POV

My first reaction was time to fight.But Blossom hold her hand up and pointed her and my pajamas.She was wearing a roze tank top, boven with a aardbei smiling sexly saying,"HEY,SWEETIE" and white kant, lace underwear and I was wearing a light green tank top, boven with an angry green appel, apple saying,"BITE ME"and black shorts.

I frown,"So"

Blossom sighed and she turned to go get her robe.There was another slam against the door but harder.

Who doses this guy think he is?!Slaming his fist on the door of The PowerPuff Girls,even if we are retired,I thought angrily.I jumped from upstair,stuck the landing on the coach and sprinted toward the door. The man at the door remindered her MEN IN BLACK,she tryed not smirk.She didnt want to end up in Juevenile Detention Center again.Blossom had shorten her sentence from one maand to 1 week.It's always good to have a sister that has study the "law".

"Excuse me,ma'am are u Ms.Blossom Utloniam?",said the man in the MEN IN BLACK outfit.