narrator: uh oh what is Butch going to tell the Professor?
Professor: yes, Butch
Butch: last night I saw Brick....
Professor: yes?
Butch: hugging
Butch: Blossom
Professor: WHAT?!
Professor: there is going to be changes of buddies
Bubbles: what why?
Buttercup: finally
Professor: Blossom u will share with Butch, Buttercup u will share with Boomer, and Bubbles u will share with Brick, and if there's any problems then there will be another change
[Brick was really mad at this time]
narrator: avondeten, diner was over and it was time for bed
Professor: time for bed
[Butch was glad that he was with Blossom]
Butch: Blossom
Blossom: yes?
[Brick had super hearing so he as hearing Butch's and Blossom's conversation]
Butch: I like you, Blossom
[Blossom started to blush]
Blossom: but u need to be with Buttercup
Butch: yes I know but I don't love her I love you
Blossom: but I need to be with Brick
[Brick was happy about what Blossom said]
Butch: no u don't
[Butch starts kissing Blossom]
Blossom: I..I..I don't know what to say now
Butch: u don't need to say anything
[Butch starts kissing Blossom again]
Blossom: we need to go to sleep instead of kissing
[Brick heard this and he was starting to cry with anger]
Bubbles: Brick why are u crying?
Brick: Butch kissed Blossom
Bubbles: why?
Brick: because he likes her!
[Brick zei that to loud that everyone heard]
Butch: oh uh I think Brick heard our conversation
Blossom: how?
Butch: he has super hearing
Blossom: ok