Wow....isn't Nishka beautiful?
Kristina's Perspective

I don't know how to break Nishka and Vincent up. They really love each other. I heard tonight they're going on a pre-date. I can't believe this! Nishka stal Vincent from me! I know it's not Nishka's fault she's pretty, but still! That doesn't mean she can steal a boy I love from me! Ugh! I'm going to write an artikel about Nishka Reddy and how weird she is and Vincent will love me! of maybe I should spread some rumors about Nishka and Vincent....

Vincent's Perspective

Okay, my evil plan is to do some bad things to Kristina and she'll think it's bad luck so she'll commit suicide (hopefully). Then I'll never have to worry about Kristina again! Hahahaha!!!! Then I'll ask beautiful Nishka to marry me!!!! I cannot wait!

Nishka's Perspective

I met a nice girl named Landra today. She zei she thought me and Vincent would make a cute couple. She also zei she wished someone would love her like Vincent loved me. I think she's my new best friend!

I also think Kristina is trying to toon everyone how ugly I am. I'm not that ugly, though, so I don't know what the point in doing that is. But if Kristina wants to take revenge on me, wouldn't she try to get rid of me as well, so she could be Vincent's girlfriend?I

Landra's Perspective

I can't believe I met Nishka today! Squeeeeeeeee!
In case u don't know, Nishka is Vincent's girlfriend. Who is Vincent? He's only the most handsome boy ever! Squeeeeeeeee!

But I've also seen how Kristina Pimenova, the prettiest girl in the world, is looking at Nishka. I think she wants to kill Nishka! *gasps* Oh, no! I better protect Nishka.......but how?

To be continued.......
Weirdo Kristina!