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What is better? PPG of PPGZ?

In my opinion,
 Blueberryjam789 posted een jaar geleden
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KaoruMatsubara1 said:
Well, it depends on the person.

People who prefer the PPG cartoon are usually ones who could like the many innuendos twisted into the plot and the fact that the girls are kindergarten sisters who automatically have their personalities when they were created door the professor/their father. They also like the villains a bit better and how easy it is to draw the characters.

People who like PPGZ a lot meer are usually the ones who like the whole cute magical girl twist. They go for the whole layout of the girls being vrienden instead of sisters and that their personalities were from their own family lives, which sounds like there is meer common sense. Some like the Rowdyruffs in this story meer (i saw people's art tonen that they LIKE them). I also believe the Japanese feel makes them like this show. And yes there are a few innuendos in it, but not as many (unless it includes the Rowdyruffs. They create little messed up moments.).

However, I believe that this question's answer is... THEY ARE EQUAL!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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