Today, we decorated the cafeteria with the decorations we made yesterday. Now my vrienden and I are at the park. We were playing frisbee when a flash of light appeared. When it was gone, we saw the time machine that the professor built, only it looked a few years older. When the door opened, we saw us.
"Hello people of the past! We are the PPGZ of the future." Blossom said. I looked at Momoko. She was wide eyed.
"How smart. Shouting so the whole world can hear ya! Man, might as well use a horn, why don't you?!" I shouted. Then the future PPGZ looked at us and smiled. Then the future RRBZ did the same. Then a girl I haven't seen before came out, too.
"Spider, u might be able to see what u looked like before the dag u turned human." Buttercup future said.
"By the way, can we go to the lab? We might freak out the professor if we don't go with you." Bubbles said.
"Sure, just don't tell him that those are the RRBZ of the future." I answered, pointing at their RRBZ. When we got to the lab, we told the professor that they were us. Of course, Katsou, Minoru, and Makoto stayed at the park to keep their cover. "Just to get this clear, Professor, they are from the future." I told him.
"So, what are u three doing here? And how far far in the future are you-"
"About one hundred years, professor." Buttercup said. I can't believe I'm calling someone my own name. It is so weird. Well, then she said, "The chemical Z made us stay young. Two years from now, the trouble may begin. It all happens when I/Kaoru get a power surge too strong to handle without training. It was so strong that the red clan found out where and who I was-"
"And in return to that, the chemical Z suddenly appeared above Buttercup, Blossom, Peache, Ken, and I. It poured on us, causing Ken to get powers, too. We needed to tell u that before the red clan can find you. u must work with the villains who were affected door black Z rays to be able to defeat them. And very soon, the RRBZ and Mojo will become good. Just have faith in your Kaoru. We must go now." They went into their time machine and left.