"Ok, I see Little Arturo, Big Billy, Ivy, and Grubber; but where is Ace?" Bubbles whispered to Blossom and I. Before we could react, ice hit us. I got so angry that the ice melted. I turned and attacked Ace with my hammer. He dodged, though. As I was about to attack again, a cirkel of energy formed. Out of it came three little girls that looked younger than Ken. They looked a lot like Bubbles, Blossom, and I.
"What just happened?" The green eyed one asked the red head. The red head just shrugged her shoulders while the blonde cried. I glared at Ace, but he looked just as confused as me. Just then, Bubbles and Blossom got free from their ice prisons.
"Why do those kids look like us?" Bubbles asked me.
"I have no idea, Bubbles." I told her. As soon as I zei her name, the blonde stopped crying and glared at me.
"I'm Bubbles, not her." she shouted, pointing at Bubbles. I got angry as well.
"No, she is Bubbles!" Blossom and I shouted at the same time. Bubbles just rolled her eyes.
"Don't start an argument about me. And Buttercup, how about using your special power to get rid of the Gang Green Gang?" she said. I grinned.
"You got it!" I shouted. I flicked my hand and white energy came out and sent them flying. After, I turned back to the situation. "We'll talk about this later. But for now; Bubbles, Blossom, and I have to go back to school so the teacher doesn't suspect something crazy." I told everyone. After, Bubbles, Blossom, and I flew to the roof of our school and transformed back to normal. When we were in our normal forms, we ran back to our tafel, tabel and finished our lunch. Haruko told us some funny stories about when she was back in France. After lunch block was over, we went back to our seats and listened to the teacher teach for the rest of the school day. After school, Miyako turned back to Bubbles, Momoko turned back to Blossom, Katsou transformed into Green Wonder, Minoru transformed into Blue Bubbler, Makoto transformed into Red Candy, and I turned back to Buttercup. After, we flew to the lab and told the Professor and Ken about our collision with the three five jaar olds and he told us to find them as soon as possible. We scanned the city until we found them in the park. We landed in front of them.