"Great, it's the lying teenagers!" the green eyed one said. I took a deep breath and opened my compact to contact the professor.
"Found them, Professor." I told him.
"Good job, Buttercup. May I see what they look like?" he replied. I turned my compact so the professor could get a good look at the girls. They gasped.
"What is that?" the red head asked. I rolled my eyes and nudged Bubbles to answer.
"It is a compact. Buttercup, Blossom, and I each have one to transform to our heroic selves." she explained. The boys laughed.
"I can't believe u didn't even know that." Blue Bubbler zei at the same time as laughing. I closed my compact and whispered something Green Wonder's ear. He laughed so hard that I thought he could die from it. The little girls looked confused, but everyone else knew what I zei and laughed as well.
"Buttercup, that is messed up!" Blossom said. I just smirked at her.
"I know. That is why it is so funny. Aren't I right, Green Wonder?" I asked him. He nodded because he couldn't stop laughing. The green eyed one flew up to me.
"What's so funny?" she asked. "It better not be about me!" I rolled my eyes.
"What makes u think that I was talking about you, kid?! I was talking about how Nutella is a sin." I said. My vrienden laughed even harder.
"You totally got that from Nicholas Megalis!" announced Bubbles.
"Yes I did. I just couldn't help it! It is so funny." I told her. Then we turned back to the situation. "By the way, I think I know what is going on. u three might have fell into a dimensional vortex; causing u to be here. If u three are really Powerpuffs as well, then that must've been what happened to you." I explained. They looked at me as if I zei something crazy.
"How is it that u are the smart sounding one here? I am supposed to be the smart one here!" Mini Blossom complained. I looked at her with confusion.
"You?! As if!"I shouted. Green Wonder stopped me from going crazy. After calming down, my vrienden and I brought the mini Powerpuffs to the lab. Then the professor and I finished the dimension portal we've been working on. I turned it on and a portal formed.
"That looks exactly like Townsville!" mini Bubbles said. They zei their fair-wells and left through the portal.