Hey, it's me again. I have had enough of Ace and his followers; and Fuzzy teaming up with them really gets on my nerves. I arrived at the location and instantly knew what they were planning. I turned around and shot a beam just as Ace shot ice. With my other hand, I summoned my mallet and swung it at the other villains. To my surprise, it grew in size and hit them all. Then I turned my attention back to my other enemy.
"I won't lose to u this time!" he shouted. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
"Don't u know the saying, 'heroes always win'?" I taunted. Then I heard a noise. I turned my head to see the others back. "You are ready to be beat again?" They looked at me in shock and started whispering. "What?"
"Your hair parted itself!" Fuzzy shouted. I looked at my hair and screamed.
"No, no! Why isn't my hair messy?" I tried to mess it up again; but it kept parting itself. I sent the Gang Green Gang and Fuzzy flying once meer and went back to the school roof. Bubbles and Blossom arrived as well. Bubbles looked confused and Blossom clapped her hands. "Before u ask, let me just say that it parted itself." I told them. Then we heard the klok, bell and realized school was over. We transformed back to normal and got our belongings. "When I get home, I am going to ask my mom about it."