Powerpuff Girls PPG 20in20 Contest!

Jessikaroo posted on Aug 31, 2012 at 11:44AM
So I've done a few of these on other spots, and I thought about doing on of these. If it generates enough interest, it'll become a regular thing on here. :)

Rules! -
1. You have 20 days to make 20 icons about the Powerpuff girls.
2. No stealing icons, you have to make them.
3. You can't post the same icon twice.
4. No animated icons.
5. No CHEATING guys, seriously. Don't vote for yourself.
6. Icons must be squared. Acceptable sizes are 100x100 to 200x200.

In each round, you must make 20 icons in this form.
10 Theme Icons. Each icon has a different theme, each round gets new themes.
5 Category Icons. One theme for each icon. New theme for each round.
5 Artist Choice. 5 icons of your choice.

Fan arts are acceptable to use as icons. Any thing goes as long as it's PPG and follows the theme.

Also, you can use the same base picture as a fellow contestant, as long you edit it differently.

Hopefully this gets enough participants. :) Good luck everyone.

Theme 1 - Love
Theme 2 - Family
Theme 3 - Bubbles (Actual bubbles, not the PPG)
Theme 4 - Happy
Theme 5 - Group
Theme 6 - Crossover with a Disney Channel Cartoon
Theme 7 - Pop art
Theme 8 - Fire
Theme 9 - With a cat
Theme 10 - Sleeping
Cat Theme - Repeated Icon (Five of the same icons in different styles) (5)
Artist Choice (5)
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