Powerpuff Girls Your Criss kruis Crisis 2 ideas

PinkJazz posted on Sep 05, 2012 at 06:34PM
If you could come up with your own ideas for Criss Cross Crisis 2, which characters would switch bodies with each other?

Here are mine:
-Blossom <--> Mojo Jojo
-Bubbles <--> Him
-Buttercup <--> Fuzzy Lumpkins
-Professor Utonium <--> Butch
-The Mayor <--> Boomer
-Ms. Bellum <--> Brick
-Ms. Keane <--> Sedusa
-Talking Dog <--> Princess Morbucks
-Mitch Mitchelson <--> Bossman
-Robin Snyder <--> Ace
-Mr. Green <--> Big Billy

If you have any characters to add, or if you could come up with your own list, please post them here.

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