Powerpuff Girls The saddest and sorriest girl on Fanpop u will ever meet

TotalDramaFan60 posted on Sep 29, 2013 at 05:00PM
Sad me: ppgFireball is still trying to get rid of me. And if you're reading this ppgFireball, don't just go and report me. You should skip to sorry me if you don't wanna listen to some other boring junk that's dedicated to other viewers. Other viewers: pleasa fan me. It'll just make me happier again, ok?
Sorry me: other viewers:if you get bored easily, don't read any other part of sorry me cuse the rest is just dedicated to ppgFireball. Dedicated to ppgFireball:I'm more sorry than sad. I'll do anything for you,just don't make it super hard. PPG is now my favoritest thing in the world (next to vocaloids! vocaloids rock!) because of you.

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