Powerpuff Girls CN's own PPG reboot's major delay until after Butch Hartman's own 5-season reboot of PPG ends?

DDD1988Redux posted on Jun 13, 2015 at 01:40AM
Butch Hartman, the creator of The Fairly OddParents, said that he and his company are working on The PowerPuff Girls reboot, not Craig McCracken or any of his company (who would allow the character designs of PPG Hotlines, the PowerPuff Girls, and Rowdyruff Boys to be copied by Butch Hartman and company from their appearance in the 1998 TV show and its comic book series adaptation revival from Cartoon Network Illustrated); the citizens of Townsville, minor antagonists, major antagonists, and all of the other characters are being designed by Butch Hartman and all of his company; one interesting fact that these include new characters such as the ones from the anime remake and not in either of these will appear first in the Cartoon Network Illustrated comics, and then its own TV series adaptation from Butch Hartman, starting with its Hub Network Original Movie Toon pilot. Cartoon Network in the United States and Canada's Teletoon channel would air the show, starting with its own Hub Network Original Movie Toon pilot in 2017; and Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong and E.G. Daily would voice The PowerPuff Girls once again, plus Roger L. Jackson himself is providing the voices of The RowdyRuff Boys once again.

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