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lillymango1 posted on Mar 12, 2010 at 04:57PM
ok iv seen this on other clubs and im called beccy beccy:hi add a comment thats it like i done RULES
have fun
have as many peoples as u can
chageing the suject is aloud and
u can describe your self lilly beccy and brooke
beccy:well i have a rainbow dress and and brown hair with yelow highlightsand green eyes green rocks i get that form bc
lilly:i look like bell i have no pupel and i have orenge hair (i know it bell doesent have orenge hair ) and a wight dress
broke:well i have green eyes like my sis beccy and short curly hair and a red and blue dress
and beccys atatude is hardcore lillys is always goth never smiles and brookes is cute and a little devil

ok there my 3 peoples
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een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy: *lisaning to music and danceing with pjs on*
brooke: what are you doing T.T
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
big smile
dexter: hi breeze, what are you doing.
breeze: *turns around and hits dexter for no reason*

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een jaar geleden daisylove said…
yeah... breeze beats up dexter sometimes
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
Bus driver: You all need to be quite! Or I'll go right back to the school.

Ian: Shut the f***k up!

Ashley: Such language!

(This so happened today)
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
brooke:*cell rings* hi .....ok may
beccy:is that may again ?
brooke:yeah come onwere late for school
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
buttercup: what the heck!?
breeze: hi buttercup, look, im a powerpuff z now!!
buttercup: ?
 buttercup: what the heck!? breeze: hi buttercup, look, im a powerpuff z now!! buttercup: ?
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
Ashley: Oh come on, it's not that bad!

Ian: NOOOO!!!!!!

Brick: NOOOO!!!!!!

Blossom: Go on!

Ashley:*pushes Ian and Brick into Victoria's Secret*

(Ian and Brick run out screaming. Ashley and Blossom laughs.)
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: hiya dexter, were having a party at my house, wanna come?
dexter: maybe later, i have to do my homework first
breeze: how about we burn your homework instead, okay
breeze: *drags dexter by the arm to her house*
breeze: besides, you know blossom is going to be there
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een jaar geleden daisylove said…
at the party

breeze: okay i got four-eyes to come to the party
blossom: *so happy that dexter came she kisses him*
dexter: *faints*
buttercup: EWWW
bubbles: awwww
breeze: OMG awesome

sorry brickxblossom fans if you dont like this
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:hay breeze can i come too
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: sure, anyone can come, even nerds like dexter XD
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:isent that harsh NOT
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: ok... that kiss was akward ok this party starts NOW
bubbles: yay party
beccy: *turns on music*
buttercup: UGH, i hate this song
blossom: fine, breeze do you have any cds?
breeze: DUH
dexter: *goes to shelf and looks for cds buttercup would like*
buttercup: *shoves dexter and grabs a cd*
beccy: dosent that cd have bad words?
buttercup: who cares
*doorbell rings*
breeze: *opens door*
tootie: hiii!!!
suzy: hiya
beccy: if your here 4 the party come in
bubbles: yay more party guests
blossom: hi tootie, hi suzy
breeze: hey, tootie i thought you were going to spend the weekend folowing timmy around
tootie: well me and suzy heard you were having a party so we came

to be continued... for now at least

if you want to be in the story just ask, beccy is already in the story if you havent noticed

this is tootie and suzy
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 breeze: ok... that kiss was akward ok this party starts NOW bubbles: yay party beccy: *turns on mus
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
breeze :......dextor did u bring a gift
dextor:n no
beccy:nukel sandwich or a tummy ake
bubbels:boomers comming
buttercup:who cares
blossem:she does
thatsa bit
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
big smile
*doorbell rings*
buttercup: wow another party guest, why am i not surprised
bubbles: i'll get it
mandy: so you wanted me to come to this party...
bubbles: mandy, gaz, you came!!
beccy: uhhh bubbles why did YOU invite them
bubbles: we're friends

mandy and gaz
 *doorbell rings* buttercup: wow another party guest, why am i not surprised bubbles: i'll get it m
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:guys do u want a sleepover today at mine all girls inclueding dextor NOT so mandy ill ask you and gaz 1
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: okay
blossom and suzy: sure
bubbles: yay
tootie: awesome
buttercup: i really dont care but sure
mandy and gaz: whatever
*door bell rings*
breeze: *opens door*
boomer: hi
bubbles: boomer, you came!
blossom: hey, boomer, wheres brick and butch?
boomer: they didnt want to come
beccy: so we leave and go to my place at 7:00
breeze: and dexter and boomer go home
blossom: what time is it now
dexter: 4:30
breeze: okay then, buttercup, what cd did you grab
buttercup: rihanna
breeze: yeah, that has bad words
blossom: lets just listen to the radio instead
beccy: *turns music on*
breeze: this song could always be better, dexter, you dj
dexter: why me
breeze: cuz you just invented a turn table thing and yur the only one who knows how to use it
beccy: *opens dexters backpack, pulls out something, pushes a small button on it and it turns into something that looks like a very confusing keyboard*
dexter: fine, i'll do it
dexter: *turns off radio and starts playing the song, everytime we touch on the keyboard thing*
beccy: wow, since when can he play the keyboard
buttercup: lame
een jaar geleden obssesedTDIgirl said…
sorry for innturupting this story but is this one giant story? it seems like it
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy :yeah i know thats why made it >>
lilly :for goodnes sake just get it over with
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
big smile
lilly :breeze do u have any games we can play im boerd hows about u brooke
brooke:well i got drinks for every1 *gives evry1 a drink*
buttercup:mmmmm whats it made of
brooke:its made of snails with suger and baby powder and slugs and rotten apels
*evry one thorow up exsept brooke*

beccy:b b b brooke dont u think u went to far with the drinks
brooke:naw i think there yummy
dont ya think breze
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: er...
buttercup: gross
blossom: dont be so rude buttercup!
brooke: ...oh well
breeze: i have some fruit punch
bubbles: yay
beccy: you always say yay
bubbles: :3
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
lilly:immm bord buttercup hows about u
bubbels:u guys are always boerd
lilly and bc:we are not
breeze:yeah u are
lilly :i give up whens it 80:00 i wanna go
beccy:bubbels pull my finger

bubbels:u dont have fingers

take 2
beccy:bubbels pull my finger
beccy:*head falls of*
bubbels:what the
take 3
beccy:bubbels pull my finger
bubbels :ok
beccy:that wasent my falt
every 1 no
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: anyone want to play truth or dare
everyone: sure
breeze: ok, blossom, what time is it
blossom: 5:30
breeze: ok i'll go first
breeze: ... beccy, truth or dare

heres a list of ppls at the party so far

een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:i chose dare i ant a baby lilly is
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: okay i dare you to dump a bucket of freezing cold water on yourself
beccy: okay...
breeze: *gets up and starts walking to the bathroom*
everyone: *follows*
breeze: *fills a bucket with cold water*
breeze: okay, stand in the bathtub and dump it on yourself
beccy: *stands in bathtub and dumps really cold water on herself*
bubbles: yay, she did it
breeze: you okay?
beccy: yes, but i am really cold
breeze: okay then
everyone: *walks back to living room*
breeze: okay beccy, your turn
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:bubbels truth or dare
beccy:i dare u to kiss dextor
brooke:i bet she cant do it
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een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: omg
bubbles: umm
lily: go on
blossom: oh my god
dexter and bubbles: *kiss*
brooke: omg she kissed him
buttercup: ick
breeze: XD OMG
beccy: ok bubbles, your turn
bubbles: wait a sec, wheres mandy and gaz?
boomer: i think i saw them leave
bubbles: ... oh well, okay, buttercup, truth or dare
buttercup: dare >:D
bubbles: okay... umm i dare you to go into the basment and stay there for 10 minites
buttercup: you call that a dare
breeze: ive been in the basment before, i saw 3 spiders and a snake
blossom: :3
tootie: wow id never go down there
buttercup: big deal, fine, i'll go down there
buttercup: *goes into basment*
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:nice one bubbels
lilly:now shes not scrard
brooke:i hope im next
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
beccy: what time is it now
breeze: 6:00
blossom: buttercup!!
buttercup: *runs out of basment*
breeze: WTF
buttercup: i s saw a p p poisinous s snake
lily: what a baby
brooke: you would have been scared to
lily: i would have torn the snake in half
blossom: riiiight
bubbles: well buttercup, your turn
buttercup: brooke, truth or dare
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
brooke :i ant afard i chose both
lilly:im not shure if thats aloud brooke
beccy:is it breeze
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: i guess you can do both
buttercup: okay, who would you rather kiss, dexter or boommer?
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
brooke : boommer
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
*door knocks*
Ashley: Sup!

Ian: I'm here!

Leah: Guess who we brought?

Buttercup: Who now?!

Ash,Leah,Ian: Uno!

(Uno is Ashley's obese kitty)

Buttercup: That fat thing?!

Ashley: UGH!
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
buttercup: okay, brooke kiss dexter
brooke: NO WAY
ashley: omg what have we been missing
uno: *attacks dexter*
dexter: WTF!
ashley: bad uno
buttercup: so brooke, are you gonna do the dare or not
brooke: ugh FINE!
brooke: *kisses dexter*
breeze: omg
brooke: ick, never make me do that again
buttercup: HAHAHAHAHA
lily: wow, thats the third time dexter has been kissed
tootie: omg, its 6:50
beccy: almost time for the sleepover at my house
leah: yay
breeze: okay, dexter, bommer, ian, go home
blossom: okay, some of us have to go home and get ready
breeze: and we'll meet at beccys house at 7:00
bubbles: okay bye tootie, suzy, ashley, leah, brooke, beccy, lily, see you later
*tootie, suzy, ashley, leah, brooke, ian, beccy, lily, dexter, and bommer leave*
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
*at beccys house*
lilly: so when thay comming
*a knock at the door*
bubbels blossem bc and breeze:hi
brooke hi
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
beccy: i have some soda in the kitchen, you can have some
bubbles, blossom, breeze, bc: thanks
*a knock at the door*
ashley and leah: hi!!
lily: sup
leah: looks like more people are coming
tootie: hi
suzy: hiya
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
big smile
lilly:ok in pjs
beccy :up stairs every one
brooke:follow me
everoe :ok
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
beccy: one at a time, you can change in the bathroom
tootie: i'll go first
tootie: *walks in to bathroom*
everyone else: blah blah blah
beccy: i think buttercup's dare was lame, i already dared bubbles to kiss dexter
buttercup: well i couldent think of anything else, thats not a crime is it!
breeze: no need to yell buttercup
tootie: okay, buttercup, you can go next
buttercup: *walks into bathroom*
ashley: dont you think it was funny when uno attacked dexter
lily: yeah
blossom: did you bring uno to the sleepover
ashley: no, my mom wouldent let me :S
buttercup: *walks out of bathroom*
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een jaar geleden kaithel said…
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
wow what
een jaar geleden Puffed_Bubbles said…
*still at Beccy's place*

BOOOOOOOOM! *someone came trough the roof*

Ashley:The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!

*The one who broke the roof down starts singing and the smoke clears up and it was Clicky.*

Beccy: CLICKY!! You could just knock!

Clicky:Where have you seen knocking on a roof? Hey is this a party?*Turns mad face* Why wasn't I invited... *Being normal again* Well who cares? What did I miss? *sits down*

Beccy:Errrgh... We are having a sleepover at my house....

Clicky: Good. I knew this is gonna happen so I asked my mum and I have my PJ here! *takes out yellow PJ with teddy-bears and hearts*

*Lilly got out from the bathroom*

Lilly:Okay who's next? Eeek! What heppened with the roof? And when did Clicky came... Oh. I get it.

Clicky:I'll go next!!*goes into the bathroom*

Tootie: We have to fix this.

Blossom and Dexter: I'll do it!

BC: Go ahead! We'll wait in the kitchen eating sandwiches!
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
beccy:hi cliky oh are thay ppand j sandwichis
een jaar geleden daisylove said…
blossom and dexter: *start fixing roof*
everyone else: *goes to kitchen*
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
in the kichen*
beccy:guys do u wanna spy on dextor and blossem
everyone:all right
mandy:gaz give it up we have to go its not fair
gaz:why those kids are no fun

(idk what to write so blamm me
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
(At the sleepover)
*Blossom's telephone rings*

Blossom: Hello? WHO IS THIS?!

?????: You don't need to know...

(Ashley grabs the phone)

Ashley: Iain, John, Butch, stop trying to prank call us!!

John: Please go out with me?

Ashley: I thought I told you. Iain is MY BOYFRIEND. YOU are my FRIEND. Got it?

(You can here Iain start laughing at John, and then John gets mad and pushes Iain down. You can hear them getting in a fight. Ashley hangs up quick, not wanting to get involved.)

Clicky: Aren't you worried that one of them is gonna get hurt?

Ashley: Nope. Just because Iain is about and inch shorter than me doesn't mean he's not strong enough to beat John up!

Bubbles: Your SO lucky! I wish I had boys fighting over me!

Ashley: Believe me, it's not luck. I HATE IT when they fight. It's so annoying!

Bubbles: Oh...


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een jaar geleden daisylove said…
breeze: bubbles, dosent mac have a crush on you?
bubbles: yeah, but i like boomer, i think hes cuter
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
brooke:well i like mac and bloo there funny
lilly:*rolls eyes*
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
(Bee arrives)

Bee: Hiya, guys!!

All: Sup!

Clicky: Good thing you came, because this was getting boring.

Lilly: Well that's what you think!!
een jaar geleden lillymango1 said…
brooke:noone go in my room i mean ehh stay out
lilly:brooke u hideing something frome us
een jaar geleden boomerlover said…
Ashley: I bet you are!!

Bee: Come on, show us!!

Clicky: It can't be that bad!

Lilly: Seriously, don't you ever hide ANYTHING from me. You'd better not be!

Brooke: No chance. No chance at all....

(Ashley whispers to Lilly)

Ashley: She is SO hiding something from us.

(Lilly whispers back)

Lilly: I know. This really isn't like her....

Leah: I bet it's something really secret!!

Ashley and Lilly nod.

(Leah whispers to Lil and Ash)

Leah: We should sneak in there later and see what she has to hide! All we have to say is, "Oh, we're just getting some stuff from Lilly's room." Or, "Oh, just running to the bathroom."

(Ashley whispers)

Ashley: Good idea. Your good at lying, so we'll let you do all the talk.

Lilly nods with an evil smile.
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