Powerpuff Girls PPG made up characters

bucherstrongest posted on Jun 03, 2011 at 04:54PM
Today I made new PPG, RRB AND PPNK characters, also new teams, so here they are: PPG Butterfly, RRB Blaster, PPNK Brigand, PPG puppy Di.Na.Mo, The Rowdyruff Girls, PPG cats, RRB cats, PPNK cats, RRB puppies, Buttercup Di.Na.Mo, Bubbles Di.Na.Mo, Blossom Di.Na.Mo, Brick Di.Na.Mo, Boomer Di.Na.Mo, Butch Di.Na.Mo, Brat Di.Na.Mo, Berserk Di.Na.Mo, Butterfly Di.Na.Mo, Blaster Di.Na.Mo, Brigand Di.Na.Mo, PPG cat Di.Na.Mo, RRB cat Di.Na.Mo, PPNK cat Di.Na.Mo, RRB puppy Di.Na.Mo, PPNK puppy Di.Na.Mo, Japanese Powerpuff Girls, Japanese Rowdyruff Boys, Japanese Powerpunk Girls, PPG and RRB puppy kids, PPG and RRB kitties, The Powerpunk Boys, normal Powerpunk Girls, normal Rowdyruff Boys, PPG 10 (like Ben 10), RRB 10, PPNK 10, Her (Him's kind part), teenager Butterfly, teenager Blaster, teenager Brigand, PPNK and RRB kids, prince Morehugs (princess's kind part, he's nickname is prince goody-goody), The Stupidness Girls (SNG). Yup, that's all

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een jaar geleden ppgfan65 said…
LOL, Stupidness Girls. Can't wait for more dude!