Chapter 1

*Nanairogaoka City, The Park*

Cure Sunny: *Dodges a blast from Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Has black hair, pale white skin, and a blood-red dress* Come back! I only want to play! *Fires another straal, ray at Cure Sunny*

Cure Sunny: *Dodges again* You're a cure, aren't you?

Cure Negative: No. I was built Jared K. Catz. *Fires a blast at Cure Sunny*

Cure Sunny: *Gets hit, and changes to a 7 year-old Hino Akane*

Young Hino Akane: *Looks at herself* Huh?! What happened to me?!

Cure Negative: Oh well. It was set too low *Fires another beam at Young Hino Akane*

Young Hino Akane: *Changes from a seven jaar old girl to a infant*

Baby Hino Akane: *Starts to cry*

Cure Negative: *Scoops up the Baby Hino Akane and giggles* Master Catz will be very pleased!

Cure Beauty: *Jumps at Cure Negative* What have u done to Akane?!

Cure Negative: *Fires the same blast at Cure Beauty*

Cure Beauty: *Changes to a baby Aoki Reika*

Cure Negative: *Scoops up the Baby Aoki Reika and laughs more* All I need to do find Miyuki, Yayoi, and Nao, and we'll be all set!

*Suddenly, an Ion Shot is fired at Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Dodges* Who dares shoot at me?!!

Melanie Rosenthal: *A Half-Fox with a military style outfit* I'd shoot at the people who turn people back into babies!

Iron Bee: *A yellow and black motorcycle robo with a small Plasma Blaster for his right hand* Give those two back!

Nick Wolfe: *A Half-Wolf with knight-like armor* Team Wolfe, let's verplaats out!

Melanie Rosenthal: *Fires a large, three barreled Gatling gun at Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Dodges*

*Suddenly, a blast of light strikes the sky*

Iron Bee: What was that?!

Cure March: *Fires at Iron Bee and Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Dodges* Another one!

Iron Bee: *Dodges* Hey!

Melanie Rosenthal: What's her problem?! *Aims her Triple Gatling Gun at Cure March*

Nick Wolfe: Melanie stop! If we brand at that Pretty Cure member, she might think we are evil too.

Iron Bee: What do u think we should do?

Nick Wolfe: *Draws the Blade of Truth and the Blaster Shield* We charge into battle! *Charges at Cure Negative*

Cure Negative: *Fires a blast at Cure March*

Cure March: *Gets hit, and changes into an infant Nao Midorikawa*

Baby Nao Midorikawa: *Starts to cry*

Cure Negative: *Fires at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Blocks with the Blaster Shield* Return those girls age!

Cure Negative: Nope! *Puts in an Ear Piece* I need a Land Gate!

*Suddenly, a small Land Gate appears*

Cure Negative: *Scoops the Baby Nao Midorikawa* Too-da-loo! *Runs through the Land Gate*

*The Land Gate disappears*

Melanie Rosenthal: Dang it! She got away!

Nick Wolfe: And she has taken prisoners. Team Wolfe, we must make sure that others like those three are not taken door Cure Negative!

Iron Bee: Where do we look?

Nick Wolfe: We shall begin our investigation at the local Junior High! Team Wolfe, let's verplaats out!