Meanwhile, there's Love, Miki and Inori, trying to hit Kyle, but all three hits with the shotgun and said, "And so u would be the Pretty Cure who saved the people of your mascot? But u can not even knows how to defend themselves! "
Nozomi: "This ... I say ... YOU!!!" It takes Kyle knocking him to the uithangbord and trying to stempel, punch him, but Kyle dodges it door a powerful stempel, punch on the nose of Nozomi making it bleed.
Kokoda, seeing the terrifying spectacle did not hesitate to use Light Miracle ein a while but to no avail, all the mascots also took their desperate Kokoda seeing their Miracle Light while Kyle reached the third part of the arena of Shaar: which is a giant temple while looking at the sky: "There is an hour, and from that moment will be the end"
Kokoda: "Stand up, please! We have to raise, please! " Rise "
Mipple: "What the hell ..." Pretty Cure saw the rise again, ready for revenge against Kyle, but was waiting for another surprise: Kyle had the crystals of the Dark Pretty Cure 5 (do not tell me nothing: For those who have seen the movie:
Yes! Precure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibōken!, will understand)
Nozomi: "Why do the hunting?"
Kyle: "Do not u care about, and even better to know who I am ..." And he took off his pet, glb and discovers his true identity.
Honoka: "Kyle Katarn"
Nagisa: "That Kyle Katarn?
Urara: "I do not believe"
Saki: "Incredible"
Nozomi: "No matter who u are, I just want u to be defeated"
Kyle: Ah! I got another thing for you: The Recognize this? "
Rin: "The crystal!"
Nozomi: "How did u had?"
Kyle: "Sometimes I do not even know if u want to recover the crystals will face: If I bring these crystals in five different temples, u fail. Not so fast! Only Pretty Cure 5, the other not. " So Kyle and Pretty Cure 5 competed. is a fight to the crystal.