Prince Michael Jackson Guess wat!

shawnaboe78 posted on Jul 19, 2010 at 01:48AM
Guess what i did i made a blog and i am the producer of the trinandtrentshow on youtube and i thought maybe id start to blogg about talented kids and im also a teen/kid but i dream to be a big time producer when im older! but for now i blogg about young talent with kids a young teens! IF you want me to blog about you email me ( your name and a wuick bio about you and you'll be featured in my blog link cheek it out and see some of the featured kid ive blogged about and myb a talent agent will find yu on my blog but i cant make any promises tht ill blogg about you or you''ll get a call from an agent but its a possiblity! so follow and tweet me on twitter @awsmyungtalent and myb just myb yull be The world next big thing!
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Prince Michael Jackson 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden shawnaboe78 said…
Srry if yu get mad cuz it has notin to do wiht PPb but i still love PPb dnt worry lol!
een jaar geleden paloma97ppb said…
What's this for?