Prince Michael Jackson Find u Love: Chapter 6

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Find Your Love: Chapter 6
Paloma POV-
I told Aaliyah to go home without me, Emma, and Ashley. I didn't want her to know what we were gonna do. We were actually planning this for days but never got forward to it. We stepped onto the Jackson's front yard. I pushed Emma. "You knock." She made a face. "Why me? Can't you do it?" "No. Im scared to. You do it," I said lightly pushing her." Ashley sighed. "I'll do it." She knocked on the door and turned us. "Wow. That was hard." Prince came to the door. "What?" "Do you wanna go out and get icecream?" asked Emma smiling. She had the baby eyes we needed. Prince was one of those people that said 'no' often. Prince came out and locked the door. We decided to walk a little up the block before harrasing him. I mean; if we done that in his front yard don't you think bodyguards would have came running to us? No, I wasn't gonna take the chance. A little up the block, I nodded at Ashley and then that's when she got ready. She pushed him into this little black alley and Emma helped. I just stood there looking around like nothing happen. I could hear this on the news already. "Its 10:00 Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" I walked over and crouched on my knees. "Why exactly did you break up with Aaliyah?" Prince made a face. "You chicks are crazy! Im gonna get my lawyer and look you three up!" Ashley slapped the back of his head. "Just answer the question!" Prince sighed. "Because Azeriah asked me to because she wanted to get Jaafar jealous and she said she will do my math homework for a month." Ashley started to laugh. "Gosh your an idiot!" "How am I the idiot? Isn't she with Jaafar anyways?" "No. She had to break up with him because Jamie still had feelings for him," I told him. I started to think. Man, Jaafar is gonna end up having a lot of baby mama's. We got up and helped Prince. "Sorry," I told him slightly smiling.
Prince POV-
Ashley, Emma, and Paloma are kinda funny. They pushed me into a black alley just to ask me why I broke up with Aaliyah. Anyways, since all of that happened I got an idea. I can tell Azeriah about Jamie and Aaliyah about Azeriah. There's nothing better than watching an old classic cat-fight.

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Hope u like!! :)
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hmmm baby eyes? I LOVE IT! ((:
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Aaawww, thanx Em. And yes, baby eyes!
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lovenn iht!!!

i think we should describe what our characters "should" look like:
okay my character description is:
-full lips (na pouty way}
-white teeth
-cinnamon smell and skintone
-round face
-short 5'2
-in shape (kinda curvy]
-puppy eyes
-friends: sammie and jesika
-medium black hair
reason why jaafar broke up with me: he was afraid i was too better looking than him
well thats all..everyone should describe what they want there character to look like (just saynn]
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i feel retarded..decribn my character
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Hahaha y?!
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bcuz..ihts different..mayb i shud delete?
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WIIII! I'm there! Thanks, I adore it.
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Awww, thanx and ur welcome. Lol!
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I have baby blue eyes, too, ya know. Haha. I love this story! Can't wait for the next one! :)