the sexy vegeta
kk iam going to tell u about my dream that i had about vegeta. it waz me an my home pagina girl at my house an we where talking about our fave show's an then all i know is that i fell some one's hand on my sholder an i start to look to see who it waz an when i looked it waz VEGETA i gave him a big huge an sad i love u an i zei that i loved u ever sence i waz three an vegeta zei i know then i just started to give him a bigger huge then i spent the rest of the dag with him i waz soo happy when i got to spend the hole dag with him we whent to his house an when he had left the room to do some thing i killed bulma an when he came back in he han asked me what happed an i zei i killed her an then he zei good thx's because she waz getting to be a bother an i zei your welcome i'll do hat ever u want. love yah vegeta