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Source: Me, but Katkat created her
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This song is Shockqua's perfect song! It describes her feelings for Shock.
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Name: Aqua the Mongoose
Age: 12
DOB: 4/29/1999
Fir color: Light blue with blue stuff
Eye color: Blue
Wears: a blue dress
Powers: She can restore any physical damage

Aqua is a princess, who doesn't meet Shock until a jaar after he is freed of Malice's evil grip. When she first met Shock, she was completely unaware of his past. They quickly became close friends, and eventually fell in love with each other. But their love with cut short when Malice returned. He captured Aqua, and took her to his base as prisoner. Shock's mission is to rescue Princess Aqua, and kill Malice once and for all.

NOTE: This character belongs to Katkat57