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posted by Missprinceton1
Prince; what is it baby
Me; the sugar ran out *baby voice* can u be a gowd bowy and get me shome?
Prince; anything 4 my angel
Me; awww thanks sweet hart-, hart *kisses him*
as he went out the door prodigy and a boy i never seen befor walked in *BTW she is cheating on princeton*
Prod; hallo sugar pruim is princeton here
Me; no he went to the store
Prod; good *goes and kiss me*
Me; whos this
Prod; my brother
Me; the one u talked to me about JOJO rite?
JOJO: yeah hi prodigy has told me alot about u
Me*looks down*; awwww thanks baby *kiss*
JOJO; um ur kinda kute
Me; *blushing* ummm thanks JoJo *hugs him*...
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Jade Chynoweth is the one on the right that was in the Mindless Behavior Video " Girlz Talkin Bout" :)
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posted by ajmindless
Ok so remeber how i zei the volgende one was comin soon
hope this is soon enough

So Princeton returned and Jessie Was to scared to go back

So The volgende Morning....


Mom:JESS *knocks on the door*
Me:*still half asleep*uhhh
Mom:ur phone rang and a boy told me to tell u called
Me:*fully awake*whats his name
Mom:i think it was Jacob
Me:*thinks* Jacob??? oh him
Mom:would u like to explain
Me:mom im 16 cant i have friends
Mom:is he meer than a friend
Dad:*opens the door* who is he
Me:uhh hes a boy and a friend aand if u put that together u get
Dad:look i forbid u from this guy friend
Me: dad u dont even...
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posted by avanzant12
Each of them gave a little smurk . Then me and the girls went up stair chang into our sleep clothes . I had roze and purple short set .The other had shorts tees .so we cam back dwn stair and sat between the legs that we sat door in the moves. We was watch love and basket ball. I told Princeton I was get hungry so cme in the kicth with me. He zei " okay " .( so we got up went into the kicth) . He zei " wat u want ". I zei "you ,he zei me " I zei yea." u baby." we'll he zei what u want me two do ?. I zei hold me in your arm and kiss me own my neck and go own down.". So he grab me by...
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 My outfit
My outfit
OUR ROOM..............

Princeton: wake up * hitting me gently wit a pillow*
Me: sneak attack * throwing a hoofdkussen, kussen at his face*
He fell on the bed
Me: omg are yu ok
Princeton: sneak attack * hitting me wit the pillow*
Me: ahhh thts how it is * hitting him wit a pillow*
We hoofdkussen, kussen fight minutes
Me: ok let me freshen up * runnin into the bathroom bout the door*
Princeton put his foot n between the door and the wall
Me: yes princey
Princeton: why yu shutin the door
Me: cuz thts wat i do
Princeton: im yur husband i wanna see my girl freshen up
Me: why
Princeton: bcuz i wanna kom bij her
Me OK then * openin the door...
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mindless behavior
catwalk classic live
may 4 2013
Keke:so let me call diggy

Keke:hey boo
Diggy:hey babe I miss you
Keke:yea I miss u to
Diggy:so your parents cool with us
Keke: uhhhhhh no
Diggy:so what are we gonna do
Keke:don't worry bout it I got it
Diggy:ok I love you
Keke:I love u too so where are you
Diggy:hanging out with friends
Keke:which friends
Diggy:prod roc straal, ray and prince
Keke:how come u never make me meet them
Diggy:cuz when they got time u busy and when u got time they busy
Keke:ok so where are you
Diggy:I'm at the tour bus with them but don't come it's only guys hanging out
Keke:ok love u baby
Diggy:I love u too

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omg princeton
mindless behavior
princeton omg
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I hope u love this video & please put commentaren & please no bad commentaren & thank u & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
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im jus tryin o get myself out there im a singer and i named myself Ladii Dimplez im in highschool so check me out and subscribe me on youtube and check out my Mindless behavior videos
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Lol. Just look at Roc
mindless behavior
mb cam
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