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posted by Princetonlove01
Prince finds Mya on a bench near the front bureau and sits down volgende to her; shes is crying her eyes out)

Prince: whats up with you
Mya: what the F**k do u mean whats up with me
Prince: u ran off crying after i introduced you
Mya: u put on a total front. u acted like a total player and i just felt like the **** u were gonna slam dunk
Prince: the whole girls i mean girl thing was just a joke
Mya: but u made me feel like i was a joke and u zei this is my FRIEND Mya as if u didnt try to go to seconde base with me yesturday. as if u didnt tell me that u loved me. but it was all just a lie RIGHT!!!
Prince: look at me Mya, (lifts her head to face him and wipes her tears away) i didnt say u were my girlfriend cause i didnt know if u wanted to be and like i said, im not gonna make a girl do something they dont wanna.
Mya: of course i want too but i thought u would have already had asked me but i thought u didnt really love me
Prince: (stands up on bench and screams aloud) i love Mya, (whispers to her) wait whats your full name
Mya: Mya Camille Sumbry
mYA: ok ok ok ok sit down im your girlfriend i love u too (kisses him)
Prince: (kisses back)
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 My screen saver
My screen saver
Me,Tyti and Jazzy:yea yall
Mb: yea
* i hugged Princeton and he whispered in my ear
Princeton: i no this is sudden but i want yu too be my number 1 girl
* i looked at him and smiled*
Me: of course ill be yur number 1 girl * i kissed his cheek*
Princeton: ill giv yu my number let me see yur phone
* i gave him my phone *
Princeton: wow yu must really love me
Me: yea i do
He zei tht bcuz i had a phone cover and screen saver wit him on it
Princeton: its locked wats the code
Me: o right its 0421
Princeton: really my bday
Me yea really * I was embarrassed*
Princeton: theres my number call me weneva yu feel...
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