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" what do u mean??? u dont have to go u can ditch that afro puffed idiot prrrrinceton" he said
" what!!!?? he is no afro puffed idiot!!!! he is the bestest man in the whole world i am not gonna let u talk about my man like dat so u need to get urself together!!! jerk!!!" i explained
" chill out jenny" he said
" dont call me that!!!!! my name aint jenny its jenet!!!stupid head!!!" i said
" well i am gonna call u jenny and ur gonna call me big papa" zei diggy
" no i am gonna call u bye cause i'm leaven" i said
i got up from the bench but then i felt a
tight grip on my arm . i was pulled back...
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 mindless behavior
mindless behavior
this artikel is for all the bieber fans out there. i know there has to be over 1000 of them.some people dont even know mindless behavior cause they still stuck on justin bieber. i get so mad cause i be like justin bieber aint horrible but he aint all that no meer he used to but now these way cuter,hotter,better singer boys came and walked on this planet and took justin biebers place. u would be a stupid fool if still have the bieber fever.ok now lets go into the serious mode. are u a teenage gurl that still has the bieber fever well i janae perez has found a cure. if u wanna get rid of bieber...
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hiii guys long time since i made story but im bored as fuck nd i have been REALLY busy but here u gooooooooooooooooo

yn pov
sooooo im yn i am 15 nd i live in new jersey yea teef ima wide girl i do wat i want when i want anywhore my mom is getting married nd guess wat??? where moving to L.A yay!!! -_______- no i dont want to go i want to stay wit my niggas but my mom is making me go nd now i have a new step bro thats like 16 ughhhh grate another dick head to leave with but ohhh well time to get ready to go i take a douche nd all that bullshit nd put this on link nd walk down stairs
end of pov

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