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posted by TaylorNeshay
Prodigy is 14 years old he's the oldest in mindless behaivor he is the cutest in mindless behaivor and he's the best singer in mindless he has the most swag in the group so to me prodigy is the best GO PROD and door the way I bought there cd and went to 5 of there concerts BIG fan...!!Prod was found singing on YouTube that's how he got in mindless likes to skateboard and flip mostly on his spare time if I was to meet prod backstage of spend a dag with him I would want his real number because I would be his mrs.right but at least I got to touch his hand at one of the concerts I went to and I was so excited and I saw him grind him and princeton grinds the best for your fyi...!!
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posted by prodigywife99
name:prodigy aka craig crippen
astorlogical sign:capricorn
influences:michael jackson,chris brown(i think)
fav color:red
fav dance move:hip rocka
fav food:chicken tenders nd fries
fav accesory:teddy beer chain nd shades
wut makes him mindless:setting trends nd i 4got the last one
wut does prodigy lyke 2 do in his free time:ride go carts
prodigy iz the oldest member in the group rayray iz the seconde oldest member princeton iz the third oldest member nd roc royal iz the baby of the group nd they have been 2gether 4 4yrs nd they work very hard on wut can do nd im very proud of them doing tht 4 there selfs nd all u haterz hatin on mb they zei fuck u hoes who hatin on mb
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