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posted by princetonwife50
Introducing Prodigy Jr. The son of Janae and Craig Johnson and the brother of J'aniesha Janae Johnson....This lil boy is the cutest lil thing ever he gets his looks from his dad (craig) he aint really got my looks he is a spittin image of his daddy lol but dont let his looks fool yuh this boy is bad i mean like he is only 3 but he act grown as hell...he is a handful thats why he wit his daddy most of the time lol but besides all the badness and stuff he is cute sweet and sumtimes inacent..i luhv this boy to death he is too cute he gon be gettin all dem girls on him just like his damn daddy smh nither of them better come home pagina wit dere dick dirty of else imma beh woupln some ezel lol ...Luhv Yah Prod Jr.