After Prue's death, in the 5th season episode "Cat house" u see only her back. The program was not allowed to toon Doherty's face. According to Penny in the episode following Prue's death, Prue was still adjusting to being in the afterlife. Even after a few years, Prue's death still greatly affected Phoebe and Piper, and demons such as Barbas often used this chink in their armour to tease and aggravate them. Piper often used Prue's life as a common example of what would happen to them if they failed in their duties as Charmed Ones. It has been suggested that she sometimes turns the pages of the Book of Shadows to help her sisters.

In the season seven finale, the sisters cast a spell that allows them to utilize Prue's astral projection power. This is indicated door Piper saying "Thank you, Prue," after the spell's effect is over. Also, continuing the tradition of Charmed finales, in season seven an unknown force closes the manor door with a chime sound associated with Prue's telekinesis. Prue closed the door with her power in the finale of seasons one and two. In the season five finale, Piper's son Chris closes the door, tonen he has Prue's power of telekinesis. Likewise, in the series finale (season eight), Piper's granddaughter Prudence, uses it to close the door.