1. Was born 28th October 1970 in San Francisco, as the first Charmed One

2. Mother was Patty Halliwell - a witch and father Victor Bennet, a mortal

3. Her future self visited 5-year old Prue on March 24th 1975

4. Prue had her power - telekinesis then, & had major control over them before they bound door Grams & memories of them taken away

5. Has a habit of saying 'oh!' 'umm' 'ok' and 'Oooo' alot!

6. First love was Andy Trudeau who was also a childhood friend

7. Like Phoebe,was a populair A-list student in high school and was a cheerleader!

8. Dated a 'demon'

9. Dream job was - photographer

10. Had a fling with Bane Jessup - a crime boss

11. Loves Twizzlers

12. Is very protective of her family esp. her sisters after her mother died

13. Phoebe used to see her as a mother-figure with the perfect life

14. Had a tricky relationship with her father

15. Is a very self-assured buisnesswoman who saved two seperate companies (Bucklands & Museum) where she was working, from bankruptcy

16. Dislikes surprises & is very cautious of anyone trying to get near her sisters

17. commentaar gegeven quite discreetly on the size of Leo's orbs, whilst he was in the shower

18. Shared an apartment with Piper in North strand after college

19. After Andy's death, dated a string of men trying to find 'Mr Right'

20. Was very populair in college too

21. Is seen driving 4 different cars, on the course of being a Charmed One

22. Was angry at death, for taking her mother away

23. Frequently known as the 'superwitch' that Piper looked up to even after her death, and Paige felt she had to compete with

24. Piper's grandchild is named after her, and she too has the power of telekinesis

25. Prue develops a seconde power - astral projection. She does this the first time that Jack is asking her to avondeten, diner & Piper is hissing at her from the hallway lol

26. Has a fave leather jas that Phoebe 'borrowed' with some unfortuante results

27.Her powers don't work against fictional characters. Bloody Mary mwhahaha :D

28. Is weary at first of Phoebe's irresponsibilty of herself & future

29. Had a love of antiques. When demons/evil used to destroy any of the Manor's stuff she'd take it personally

30. The whole media world once thought she was dating an A-lister

31. Like all her sisters, her powers are triggered door emotions - Prue's case anger

32. In her vorige life, was a photographer - cousin to phoebe and ended up killing her

33. In her first future-travelling experience Prue finds out she's blonde and owns Bucklands

34. Thought Jack was a warlock at one time

35. The last thing Prue zei to her mother before Patty died was - 'I love you'

36. In her vorige life can make ice and shoot it at target door blowing over hand

37. Called Roger a 'bastard' after he insulted her :)

38. Was assaulted when she was 17 door her then boyfriend

39. Has a golden chain with her name on it

40. Is a Scorpio

41. Had the biggest bedroom out of her sisters which she gave to Piper after she married

42. Was saved door a genie after she was stabbed

43. Was the first out of her sisters to get married

44. Has been shot

45. There was a lab-monkey that was injected with some of her blood and was named after her

46. Her kick-boxing skills became better than phoebe's even though phoebe was taking lessons longer

47. Attacked Roger twice without knowing it lol

48. Blamed Phoebe for being a witch at first

49. Was best vrienden with Piper before they became witches

50. Piper was the intermediate between her Prue & Phoebe for most of her life

51. Hated being a man - Manny Hanks. Phoebe found this hilarious :D

52. Fell for 'witch-hunter' Micah who was hanged when he saved the girls. Prue dated his modern dag 'descendant' - Mitch

53. Likes Cole's ezel lol

54. Last job was at 415 magazine

55. Dies defending an innocent from Shax

56. Prue was finding life hard to adjust to in the after-life at first

57. Piper, Phoebe & even Paige are never allowed to see Prue even after her death and so many years

58. Has died two times before her permanent death

59. Prue's astral projection power was used in the fight against Zankou

60. Is a pretty good gunslinger :)

61. Its claimed she turns the pages of the BOS to help her sisters

62. Has had 2 stalkers - a serial killer and a barmaid

63. Slept with Andy on her first datum back with him

64. Bullets are ineffective against her powers

65. The first mortal she killed wasn't Ms Hellfire

66. Knows her designers, loves her shoes and clothes

67. Was rebellious at 17

68. Her spirit is called upon twice as well as that of the rest of the Halliwell/Warren line to vanquish the Source

69. Was considered the strongest Charmed One thus the one to kill door evil - to forever expose her sisters to attack.

70. Her nephew, Chris also shares her ability of telekinesis - and her temper!

71. Employed Phoebe at one point

72. Demons such as Barbas use her death to taunt Piper & Phoebe

73. According to her obituary died on a thursday

74. Beleived in fairies & trolls when she was younger - bless her

75. First chanelled her telekinesis door squinting her eyes

76. Asked Piper to be her maid of honour at her and Roger's wedding before it was called off

77. Accidentally blew up the attic in the future without meaning to, not even testing the limits of her strengthened power

78. Picked up empathy which strengthened her telekinesis but meant she felt the whole city's emotions

79. Can speak and read Latin really well

80. After her death, Phoebe and Piper openly acknowledge their despair that "the best" Charmed One was taken

81. Her inner struggle of feeling that she isn't needed anymore almost quite literally tears her apart

82. Was accused of murder because was caught on camera in the crime scene

83. Hadn't mastered the ability to use her telekinesis in astral form

84. Piper called her a 'bitch' whilst turning into the Wendigo

85. Gave a speech at Grams's funeral

86. Moved in with Roger when she got engaged

87. Was furious with Andy for not telling her he had an ex-wife

88. Turned into a huskie and got knocked over door a dog-loving journalist

89. Also got fleas

90. Was the last one to find out that Phoebe didn't vanquish Cole & was very hurt door the betrayal

91. Thought that Phoebe was pregnant & that's why she had come back from New York at one point

92. Was almost blinded door one of her stalkers once

93. Was never afraid of the dark

94. Was Piper's business partner along with Phoebe

95. Thought she was useless as a witch because she couldn't save Andy a short while after his death

96. Had a fear of drowning which she overcame and was the only witch to defeat Barbas on her own

97. Prue stated her tombstone would read - "Here lies Prue. She worked hard."

98. She never forgave herself for hospitalising Phoebe because of a car accident for when Prue was driving

99. Grams wouldn't let her attend school away from home pagina in the East

100. Her lucky overhemd, shirt is purple :)