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posted by Riku114
The Pokemon Trainer Academy Handbook!

tafel, tabel of Contents!
The Classes
Student Expectations
Student Rules
Teacher Expectations
Teacher Rules
The Three Student clubs
~The Student Council
-Connections with the other two clubs.
-Granted Abilities
-Anything Else
~Club-made Rules

~The Student Disciplinary Council
-Connections with the other two clubs.
-Granted Abilities
-Anything Else
~Club-made Rules

~The Student Guard
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As for the vraag here is my evaluation for most DANGEROUS NOT POWERFUL

This is what I call dangerous. The most deadly pokemon that can kill and cause harm easiest and quickest with the minimal counters to the deadliness

Noven (Darkrai)~ With the abilities over darkness, Noven takes the advantage during the night time and inside dark areas in which most would be unable to see in. Along with that, the ability to dodge into shadows allows him easy way to evade an attack and if that is not enough that little bubble thing in Rise of Darkrai serves as a secondary shield he can use to negate...
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Slenvi VS Justice

Welcome to the first ever edition of Ultimate PTA Match-Ups. I am your Judge, the almighty 1-Liner! No. This is not Wanta. Wanta writes it out, but I am a separate entity. Here to ruin your RP’s and make Riku go “Oh, I recognize this reference!” Simply put, it is a chance for all of your favoriete battles that never quite happened in the actual RP to come to life. In these battles, the line between friend and foe does not exist. It is merely a heated battle to decide who would win. Here are a couple points before we begin.

All Pokemon are immediately...
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Life after death. A vraag that has never been answered in real life but has been gegeven many theories on the topic. Here, we go door Banished's idea of life after death combining Western and Eastern ideas.

1) The Human/Mortal Life. This is typically the first and fresh point that u would begin at. Here u live the life of a mortal being on Earth may it be a human, an animal, a plant, a bug, etc. u live your life, and then u die.

2) The Afterlife. This is either the first of seconde point souls live at. They are either born a demon/angel of a human that died and became one of the two....
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posted by Riku114

~Odessa's Beginning~

Odessa groaned as voices rang through her ears. They were loud, like a stampede. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up groggily, ready to shout at the demons that were making such a racket. But what she saw was something different. She was in a cage and there was a large lion looking at her angrily. She looked around. There were people...humans...all around her, on the other side of the cage. It took her a minuut to remember. She had been banished. door a demon lord that worked for another demon lord that worked for Satan himself. She snorted....
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Marcus was midway through his deceleration of war speech when suddenly he choked up."And I um.."Marcus felt a deep amount of darkness surround him."The fuck?"Marcus quietly zei to himself."Let us continue!"


The crowd cheered."HUARAH!"

"HUARAH u FUCKING SCHMUCKS!"Yelled a dark hooded man standing in the middle of a pathway that faced Marcus.

The crowd went silent."What?"The all gasped.

"I zei HUARAH u FUCKING SCHMUCKS."Yelled the dark hooded man.

"Marcus?"Asked the crowd...
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Pokemon Movesets and Stats!


Melody. Pidgeot is a good Pokemon that has nearly equal SP Attack and Attack. In Addition, it's defenses are good enough to survive a few good shots and it has very high speed. Melody is Ikari's partner Pokemon and as such, the two of them share a bond so strong that it alone is enough to win most fights. Melody is quite the neat freak when it comes to her feathers and often can get quite obsessive if she feels they are not receiving the admiration they deserve, though this never affects her in battle. Melody has the clear 'leader' personality and will put her...
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Nerin’s Death! Alternate Ending!

The two women began to cirkel each other, both were speaking out loud because they knew they both were reading each other’s minds anyway.
"This is not a battle of the body," zei the woman.

"This is a battle of the mind," continued Nerin.

"The winner will be chosen in the span of an instant."

"The first verplaats will be the last."

"Whoever falls under the others spell will lose."

It was then that Nerin saw her opportunity to strike, and she took it. Nerin's arm shot up and she fired off a ball of condensed energy at the woman.

The woman’s eyes widened slightly...
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Okay, well while I am still undecided lets just dish out the facts. Judging off of nothing but base totals (which we all know is no way to judge), Draco wins door 137 with 3345 and Ikari with 3208.

Also, a decent deal of thought process was left out like advantages and disadvantages which would be too long to lijst out completely and properly. As for the advantages and disadvantages, I listed down a lot of them due to originally planning on putting it in here, but upon realizing I kept coming up with meer and more, I deserted the idea.


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    The first dag of my life as well as the beginning of something that would bring a change to the future. I am Terigan Liyere Magine and at this time of age, I was just a child. Against some rumors that had begun to flow around as I rose to power, I was not born into a family line that consisted of high ranking nobles of anyone who was heavily into combat of war. Rather than such, I was born into a family that was ranked a bit higher than the average family of angels, though nothing that would make us get into Earthly books. My family specialized in the academics, typically...
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Overall Stats: 72/100

(1=terrible, 10=incredible, 10+=off the charts)
Speed: 7 (Good)
Intelligence: 9 (Nearly Perfect)
Strength: 6 (Slightly Above Average)
Strategy: 7 (Good)
Power: 7 (Good)
Sanity: 4 (Slightly Below Average)
Skill: 8 (Great)
Natural Abilities: 8 (Great)
Endurance: 7 (Good)
Experience: 9 (Nearly Perfect)


Derith has shown that he possesses supernatural levels of speed and agility that can almost par with his late mentor, Shira. Derith can fight fast enough that he can almost not be detected door the human eye and it has also been...
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From what I can recall so far, Ikari and Kira have a pretty similar pre-story. Ikari was born on the oranje Island, an island area that was excluded from the rest of the world due to the hurricanes that circled around them, and was shortly gegeven a Pidgey named Melody who later became like a sister figure to her. Though after a few years, Manson, her dad, left the house leaving Ikari, her mom, and Melody back alone on the nearly empty island.

On Kira's side, he was born in a city as the frowned upon Nephilim, though managed to live a nearly completely life due to his mom raising him as such...
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Dude. These were too great. If I run across them Im recording them here. So if u run across them record them here. Wanta if u make one, record them here. They are fun to look at when bored.


Draco: "These guys need to not be so damn hyper."

Ichigo: "Tell me about it."

Kon: "RUKIA!"

Rukia: *Stomps on Kon*

Core: "LORA!"

Lora: *Stomps on Core.*

Rukia: *Looks at Lora and nods.*

Lora: *Looks at Rukia and nods.*

Rangiku: *Looks at Miss Saeko's chest.*

Miss Saeko: *Looks at Rangiku's chest.*

Both: *Go to get sake together.*

Ndova: "So nobody listens to u either?"

Yamamoto: "Indeed."

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It was an ordinary dag in Hell as a young demon walked down the streets of one of the larger cities. This city was actually the capital of one of four different sectors. Each sector was ruled door a powerful demon known as a Demon Lord. The Demon Lord of this sector was a Beelzebub, of meer commonly known door his vrienden as Devin. Devin was quite an odd personality and his sector matched that oddness. Devin was known pretty far and wide for his carefree attitude and love of a certain refreshing beverage. In fact it was this very beverage that was being delivered to him right now. The demon had...
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This is self explanatory,I'm getting some form of closer here so beer with me whether either of u two approve of not.It's pretty much following the story line we had planned before the falling out.)

Kaine sat on his chair staring down at Hell with his tired eyes,he poured red wine into his glass much like Azazel would do and drank out of the wine glass.Soon one sip became twenty,and twenty multiplied into forty.Soon enough he was almost falling out of his folding chair he set up on the large cliff he found that overlooked some parts of Hell.

"Obviously your have had too much to drink."Herman...
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Note: Seika is actually a familiar of Odessa so really this is the bio of a sub-character.


It all started many years ago. Almost 700 years. I was always a warrior. On Earth, I was praised and even feared due to my battle prowess. No opponent could stand against me. I had an almost undefeated record. They called me 'The Man Who Can Slay Demons' and I even believed it myself. One day, I was heading into a village located near where I happened to be making camp....
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“So u are telling me we have to explain on this further?”

“Oh come on. It wont be bad. It was fun back then.”

“I still don’t get why we have to do this though.”

“Well its probably because Riku wanted us to but apparently a fan asked for it. u know perfectly well I can’t deny a request.”

“I know that all too well….”

“Well anyways….. We are holding up the article. So should I intro it of should you?”

“Eh….. u are probably better at it then me.”

“Alright! Hello everyone out there Im- Wait what? The names aren’t being written? But why? ….. Alright. That’s...
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posted by wantadog
Tonight...I say a wonderful friend. After over two years run time, the RP Pokemon Trainer Academy is being put to rest. I know what people will say. "It was just a game. There's no reason to get upset." but it was meer than a game to me. Without PTA, I would not be vrienden with Riku. I might not have been on Fanpop much longer without it, and all the growth I've made from being vrienden with Riku would never have occurred. So yes, it may have just been a story that I didn't even create originally, but the characters...

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posted by Riku114
Ah…. Not that most of u will care, but tonight Wanta and I have decided to do something big and say good bye to the oldest friend that has been with us since me and him had first actually talked on good standings. My old friend Pokemon Trainer Academy, otherwise known as PTA, u will always be remembered.

So my dear PTA, I would like to thank u and say I have enjoyed the three years that we have had together. Starting from actually bringing me and Wanta together and letting us meet vrienden that made the following years plenty of fun to creating one of my Legendary RP characters to the...
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posted by wantadog

This whole thing started when Gavin decided that it would be a great idea to throw a big costume party in celebration of Halloween, and for the most part he was right. The idea was well received door the student body and it barely took any work to transform the cafeteria into a party hub. The place looked fantastic with every uithangbord lined with the long rectangular cafeteria tables that were covered door bright oranje and black tablecloths. On top, boven of them were foods ranging from candied fruit and...
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