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wantadog posted on Jan 10, 2014 at 04:04AM
Okay this is simple. Anything that needs to be done for preparing for P2 will be done on this forum. We'll do this simply. One question at a time.

P2 opens to a meeting in a circular room where the three bosses are speaking to a young woman. The young woman is Adelaide. Adelaide is giving them a report saying that while the tests on the admins have proved incredible, the research is still incomplete. To complete it, she requires certain items and information. The first of which is a stone tablet that is hidden in a cave in the Fiore Region. *hint* The next is information that an old man who lives in Agate Village possesses. Finally, she needs a certain item that will allow her to perfect her research, but she doesn't know where it is, but then the voice of either the big boss or one of the double agents speaks up and tells them that the item they seek is hidden somewhere in the Pokemon Trainer Academy.

Arc 1 features their search for the Tablet and their trip to Agate Village

Arc 2 features their arrival at the PTA and initial conflicts.

Arc 3 features the serious battles and eventual interference by three Archangels, one for each of us.


Loreena's group:

Either Keil or Sasha
Cyurs's Admin
Possible Second Admin

Cody's group:

Possible Second Admin

Satsunji's group:

Adelaide (or whatever it is)


1: Arya VS Kozaru (Greninja)
2:Taku VS Edgar
3: Gray VS Ryia (Gothitelle)
4: Amelia VS Kayla (Mandibuzz)
5: Ariana VS Xaniel (Ellie)
6: Gavin VS Karase (Aggron)
7: Dale VS Mikana (Vivillon)
8: Kyron VS Loreena (Hydreigon)
9: Rai VS Hazuna (Absol)
10: Peter VS Nina (Ninetails)
11: Naze VS Cassius (Castform)
12: Shelly VS Cody (Metagross)
13: Sore VS Keil (Eevee/Char/Tyran)
14: Kaido VS Ivea (Ralts)
15: Crenis VS Kitana (Kyogre)
16: Tybalt VS Koren (Reshiram)
17: Gale VS Leandrea (Cresselia)
18: Rainer VS Hayate (Zekrom)
19: Nova VS Noven (Darkrai)
20: Zaeber VS Blair (Houndoom)
21: Walter VS Kanari (Garbodor)
22: Allain VS Reizo (Glalie)
23: Itsuki VS Nao (Vileplume)
24: Diana VS Daniel (Wailord)
25: Tamaki VS Maria (Tyrogue)
26: Merek VS Adelaide (Merek's Rival)
27: Merek VS Alta (Kyurem)
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