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Riku114 posted on Aug 07, 2014 at 05:10AM
Mostly for my own purpose.......

PTA and Banished 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Name: Azalea

Appearance: PIC

Human Appearance: PIC 2

Abilities: Azalea is able to form a dimension that is not part of Earth, Heaven, or Hell but a branched off part of it. This dimension is at the complete control of Azalea. She also has a very large energy source and very powerful wings.

Abilities in Human Form: Azalea keeps her original abilities and gains a decent amount of combat strength as well as adding a pure holy energy to her dimension and ability as well. Her eyes can see though illusions and tricks in battle.

Weakness: As stated in Cascade's profile, when Azalea contracts with an exorcist, it cuts the life of the exorcist and using her abilities causes an even shorter life. Also, without an exorcist, leaving her dimension is rather difficult and dangerous for her to do due to the dimension being made of her pure energy, that of which Earth, Heaven, and Hell does not hold not to mention she doesnt have any abilities in the dimensions that are not her own besides her strong wings

Other: She has lived quite a long time
 Name: azalea Appearance: PIC Human Appearance: PIC 2 Abilities: azalea is able to form a dim
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Human Form for Azalea
 Human Form for azalea