PTA and Banished The Banished Gender Bend Sleepover.

wantadog posted on Aug 08, 2014 at 06:00AM
It's finally that time! The Banished RP has been going strong for exactly 1 year now and to celebrate that incredible milestone, we are going to host a sleepover, but if you know anything about Riku, Wanta, or Cyrus, then you can probably guess it won't be any ordinary sleepover. That's right. It's time for The Banished Gender Bend Sleepover! After a strange incident leaves our heroes' (and some of our villains) genders swapped out entirely, they decide that instead of looking for a way to reverse the process, they should enjoy the reprieve and take a much needed break.

So hop aboard and prepare for the ride of a lifetime where all your wishes come true.

PTA and Banished 69 antwoorden

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