“Why did u lie to me?” Cas asked Daphne, in front of all the guests. She gasped and swallowed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” she zei nervous.
Andy, one of Daphne and Zoey’s younger cousins, threw his arm around Cas’ shoulder. “Emmanuel, dude, we have to discuss a few things”
He pulled Cas along with him and a few guys of Andy’s age followed them.
“I asked Daphne a question. It was very impolite to take me away before she answered” Cas zei a little irritated.
“She did answer, alright? She zei she doesn’t know what you’re talking about” Andy replied.
“What is it that u wish to discuss with me?” Cas asked. He wasn’t sure if he liked this Andy-guy.
“Well, your bachelor party tonight” Andy answered.
“What’s a bachelor party?” Cas wondered. Andy shared a look with his vrienden and they tried not to laugh.
“It’s a party for the bachelor right before he gets married” Andy zei obvious.
“And what will happen on this party?” Cas asked.
“We’re going to party, obviously” one of Andy’s friend, named lincoln said. “And there’s going to be a stripper and you’re going to bang her”
“I’m not sure how to do that” Cas said, feeling a little ashamed.
Andy and his vrienden stared at him and then burst out in laughter.
“Okay, this is too much” lincoln said. He looked at Andy. “Your cousin is marrying a complete and utter brainless idiot”
“I’m not an idiot” Cas zei trembling. Everyone had to stop calling him that. “You are…mean…and rude…and I think u should leave, because you’re not family”
lincoln stopped laughing. “Man, I really don’t like it when people start giving me orders” he said, pushing Cas.
“I wish u wouldn’t do that” Cas said.
“Are u gay of something?” lincoln asked bluntly. “If u know what that is” he added scornfully.
“I am not gay” Cas replied. “Maybe u are. Maybe that’s why u came here with a male friend in-”
He didn’t get to finish his sentence; lincoln had punched him and his nose was bleeding. lincoln gasped and let out a cry. He held his hand and tears came in his eyes. “I think my hand’s broken” he zei shocked.
“Emmanuel, we need u to do your little trick” Andy zei urgent, while lincoln was moaning from the pain. Cas didn’t answer, so Andy looked up and saw how Cas walked back to the house.
He entered and walked straight to Daphne, who was drinking a glass of cider. Daphne swallowed door seeing his furious expression.
“Why did u lie to me?” Cas asked for the seconde time.