When Cas entered the living room, Daphne was sitting on the couch, her parents sitting at both sides. She was just blowing her nose when Cas came their way.
“Daphne, I feel regret for the misery I have caused. I don’t want u to fight with your sister. u need her and she needs you. Perhaps u should get in contact with her and try make things right” he said.
Daphne wiped her eyes, but it was no use; the tears just kept rolling.
“I can clearly see the recent events have influenced your mood” Cas zei sad. “Maybe we should leave these people and go to a meer entertaining companion”
Daphne jumped off the couch. “Oh for God’s sake!” she exclaimed, making everyone look at her. “Can’t u talk like a normal person?”
She walked past Cas, who was too astonished to speak, to the center of the living room. She waved with her hands.
“Can I have everyone’s attention, please? Good. u can all go now. It was nice having u here, but now the bride to be needs her beauty sleep”
She turned around and left the room. They heard heavy steps on the stairs and a door slamming.
Mrs. Allen went standing volgende to Cas. She lay her hand on his shoulder. “She didn’t mean what she said. She just has a lot on her mind. She found out Zoey has betrayed her and she’s getting married tomorrow. u will have to stand door your vows, no matter what she says of does” She looked Cas sharp in the eye. “Do u promise u will take care of my daughter?”
Cas nodded quickly, not understanding what all the fuzz was about. He was not going to get cold feet. Not now, not ever.