Rakshasa & vrienden A-Z songs:Songs beginning with D which would u pick?

Pick one:
Die For You~Black Veil Brides
Dear God~Avenged Sevenfold
Days Before u Came~Placebo
Devil In The Details~Placebo
Dead~My Chemical Romance
Disenchanted~My Chemical Romance
Drowning Lessons~My Chemical Romance
Demolition Lovers~My Chemical Romance
Dying To Live~Star City Meltdown
Down With The Sickness~Disturbed
Dropping Plates~Disturbed
Dear Insanity~Asking Alexandria
Dead Promises~The Rasmus
Don't Let Go~The Rasmus
Done For You~Black Veil Brides
Days Are Numbered~Black Veil Brides
Devils Choir~Black Veil Brides
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