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posted by nidoqueen
dead to the world alone and unloved not mint to have happiness hopeless and unwanted filling of depression no one to hold me no one that cares left loved door no one left door all a broken hart that can never be mended falling off the cliff of diseet and no one there to save a life once forgotten and left to die in the pit of the worlds abbes a black hole of broken hearts forever to fall never reaching the ground never to find true love never to be found never to be held never to be kissed never to be awoken with a gentile nudge no one to help when i fall alone and never to be loved again like one waiting for the buss and it never comes like wanting to be showered in the love of another but there is no water like starving for food that can never be bought looking at the empty cup of life never to be filled with the happiness of a hug good morning walking threw the darkness never to see the light of another's smile will this one dag change most likely not.