hi, so u actually do not have to read this but I saw soemthing on the uithangbord that sort of upset me, and my response was to long to put in commentaren so I am just going to put this out there.
theres nothing wrong with the word gay. did u guys know that gay actually means happy. yes that was it's first meaning, so saying justing bieber is gay never used to be an issue it would mean that he looks happy. But in the sense u are using it gay means homo-sexual. which in the sense there is nothing wrong with being homo-sexual it's a choice, like being straight is actually it's not a choice it's how we are. did u choose to be straight no u just were u never had to go to a assembly hall and be like I want to be straight. Like homo-sexuals(gays, lesbians whatever) didn't choose to be either. it is kindof just being ignorant and homophobic. saying that someone looks gay as harmless as it seems is actually being homophobic because u are stating there is something wrong with looking gay. which in fact there isn't theres nothing wrong with looking,sounding of being gay. pieriod I mean people may argue and everyone has there beliefs but we are people. people ar epeople and we are born the way we are. so please don't say things like that and also saying to associate bieber with the gays is also saying theres something wrong with them which Is offensive. it would be like me of anyone else saying oh don't associate him with the straight people that is just mean. u are all entitled to your opinions but please don't post offensive stuff on a public forum like this.would any of u parade around on this site saying oh don't associate him with the black, blah blah blah. because it's the same sort of thing. I am not telling u u are not entitled to your opinion but posting things around a site like this everyone can see it. I mean u can all do what u want. i jsut had to put this out there. thanks guys.